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Cover Images Added to "The Iron Horse" Gallery! · 8:01am Dec 18th, 2017

Just a quick note here today. Due to someone requesting the original cover image for The Iron Horse, it has been added to the Gallery along with the textless version of the current cover and the unused cover image Greenfinger came up with. Feel free to check them all out at this link. They're after the chapter illustrations, for the record. I hope you enjoy them! :twilightsmile:

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...What, no one's replied yet? Well, I enjoyed having a look at the gallery, at least. :)

I always do. I imagine that a lot of folks didn't really feel the need to reply or see the full post since it was just a minor edit to the gallery anyway. Just a cover image most folks have seen plenty of and the new one which they can see now anytime they like. :pinkiesmile:

Oh, aye, that makes sense; I didn't reply when I read this and went to the gallery either, only hours later when I saw how sparse it was.

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