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Dark Horse Status · 5:35pm Dec 17th, 2017

Pro: Writing is going well, if slow. :raritywink:

Con: Chapter will probably not be completely done and proof-read until January, something. :fluttershbad:

11490 words, 32 pages, ~85-90% done.

So... Yeah. I will continue to do my best, but it's looking like a year without updates. I finally wrote another blog detailing a bit of the why on that (here if interested and haven't seen it yet), but even with first-hand knowledge on why I can't say I'm feeling good about it. :applecry:

TL. DR version: My current day-job is forty hours a week of heavy labor, and recovering from it doesn't leave much actual leisure time.

Oh, and pretty please with sugar on top, don't send me any of the recently leaked season eight and Gen-5 stuff. The legal and moral side aside, I personally prefer to do some rewriting then have the show spoiled like that. Thanks.

Happy Holidays, though! I hope they're safe and happy for all of you! :yay:

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Iā€™d almost forgotten about this story! Thanks for continuing it even through your schedule. :)


Again, keeping myself intentionally uninformed, but Hasbro had some sort of massive information leak. Their whole work server compromised.

Plans for seasons 8 & 9, a few episodes in various states of not done, and EXTREMELY early plans for a Gen 5 reboot.

Again, I didn't read up much, but sounded nothing more then a few ideas and bits of concept art for the new versions of the Mane Six. Given the whole two whole more seasons greenlit thing, my understanding is that it's nothing more then a 'just incase' type backup plan at the moment.

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