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I've Noticed A Change In The Star Wars Fandom · 6:37pm Dec 16th, 2017

It's the same thing that's happened to gaming in the last several years. Ever since the Disney takeover and the Expanded Universe retcon, toxicity has been increasing, and it's been making me less inclined to take place in discussions.

Take the Last Jedi for example. If you enjoyed the film, you're a "filthy casual" and not a "true" Star Wars fan. Some thought there was too much humor, that not enough was explained, and how their perception of characters changed or turned out to be completely false.

Me? Brady and I went to go see it last night, the theater was packed, and it was an absolutely amazing movie.

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Comments ( 16 )

Toxicity is the natural state of fandoms. Accept it as the price of admission, or move on into a more well-adjusted life.

Agreed the movie was awesome and those so called "fans" have no clue what they're talking about. TFA was too predictable and now TLJ was apparently not predictable enough.

I'm not saying it was perfect but most complaints I could make are nitpicks at best.

Agreed. The few times I was about to nitpick, something came and blew my expectations away.

Yep and just as I was getting bored the Lightspeed Kamikaze happened which was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in a theater.

I've enjoyed the new movies, but the toxicity is understandable. One of the first things Disney did was toss out the Expanded Universe, and many fans, myself included, grew up with that, and many of them are pissed enough that they reject anything to do with the new Disney canon.

NO SPOILERS! I don't get to see it for at least a week due to holiday plans, and I don't want any big twists ruined like Han's death was last time.

just ignore them. if you enjoyed the movie, that's all that matters. i saw Last Jedi and i liked it. my jaw hit the floor at least 15 times.

and i agree with Spartacus- when Disney made the Expanded Universe non canon, that pissed them off. now i'm not sad the Old Republic or the Yunzahn Vong is gone away- i wasn't a fan of those games to begin with- but getting rid of Starkiller, Dash Rendar, and Kyle Katarn was a low blow. but, like with Thrawn, they can always bring them back. besides, the Expanded Universe isn't gone gone- it's now just a alternate timeline.



Eh, toxicity in fandoms are always the same, they just adapt to the times.

As an older fan of Star Wars, I can tell you there were some moments when a raging fanboy would do or say things that would make the kids today seem tame.

Then again, I pretty much expect rabid special snowflake fans to be a bunch of idiots, no matter the generation they come from.

Great movie, far exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed it a lot. I think they did a good blend of the old with the new in this one. If it was intended to keep the older Star Wars fans interested while still bringing in younger ones, I think it worked very well.

Or perhaps an increasing number of people are dissatisfied with the direction the franchise is going, and are being vocal about it just like any fan of any franchise would be in the same situation?

Yup, I am going to see it tomorrow, and I am really excited. Fuck the haters.

I loved the movie. My friend invited me to see it again :pinkiehappy: which would be awesome! I've read about 7 of the EU books, and I like those too. I'm not upset they aren't canon I like them all the same. Besides, if they weren't canon I wouldn't have gotten to see this awesome movie :yay: ~ Mintstar

What the heck did toxic fans do back in the 20th century? Although it's the acts of hate and meanness that worries me, as much as how people can be converted now. Nerdrage now comes with the giant angry feedback bubbles that can suck people in.

So Quade, what did you think of the movie?

Well the last jedi did seem to be trying actively to tick people off so increased toxicity is no surprise.

Honestly, in hindsight, TLJ was terrible, and I have not watched it again.

It does have problems with it's characters because Rey doesn't really face much if any opposition and her power level is so far beyond what is normal in this world. Anakin had this to an extent as well but with him all that power became his downfall instead of empowering him.
Also the constant twists just make the story confusing. I never really liked plot twists that much as they only work once and after that all they do is just make the stories make less sense.

When they say "Not a true Star Wars Fan" they mean you don't care about the franchise as a whole as many see it as a threat to Star Wars' future.

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