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Star Wars The Last Jedi · 2:11pm Dec 16th, 2017

Just saw SW The Last Jedi and holy shit!!!!!! The movie was so amazing my jaw was dropped for over half of the movie!!! My top favourite movie of all time was Pacific Rim but in 2 and a half hours The Last Jedi wiped that spot clean and took it! It was the best movie I have ever seen and I recommend it to everyone!

Even if you don't like Star Wars or have never seen the series, just watch the movie! The CGI, practical effects, the fights and the draw dropping moments are amazing! Just watch it! It is seriously worth it!

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Comments ( 17 )

My sister took me to see it yesterday for my birthday. My general thoughts will follow a little later, but they are similar to yours!

Precisely on the fact that I could NOT stop smiling the entire movie (exception being at the end and when I had the sudden realization moment that this is Carrie Fisher's last role ever....that hurt my heart a little).

Definitely, especially with what happened to Snokes ship, I was on edge for majority of it
Though I was wondering what they were going to do with Carries’ role now that she’s gone cos there were a few times where they could’ve killed her off and it would’ve been justified

Exactly! Now with the scene between Rey and Kylo Ren, my jaw stayed unhinged through that entire moment! I truly thought Ben was going to change but NOOOO! Now he's basically the new Darth Vader. Just as much as Rey is the new Luke Skywalker! Speaking of which, that broke my heart a bit when he disappeared into his aparent death. Also, I still don't know how they plan on doing that with Carrie being dead for almost a year. Episode IX had better be worth the weight in anticipation.
(I only added spoilers due to other people may read this blog. Don't wanna ruin it for others.)

That fight scene between them was amazing! I really hoped Rey would join the dark side and we would get to see dark side Rey but either way, shits gonna go down! Plus George Lucas said Star Wars was all about poetry and history is repeating itself!

And definitely, I was so hyped up for this movie just imagine when the trailer for the next comes out!

Holy shit! I can't even imagine!!!

Is true! Believe me, As a very avid Star Wars fan, This was worth it! And I can't wait for the next film!

Absolutely! Trust me when I say that seeing that movie was the highlight of my birthday.

You saw the movie on your birthday?? That's awesome!

Yeah, my birthday was Friday and the movie just happened to come out that same day. Big sister "surprised" me with it!

Daymn thats awesome!
And happy birthday by the way!

Yeah it was! Also, thanks for the belated b-day wishes. 😄

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