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  • 87 weeks
    What Next?

    Five months ago I cancelled my story, 'Nuclear Winter,' for various reasons, but the main reasons being:

    1. I anticipated that I wouldn't be able to continue writing it in the future
    2. I was frustrated with my lack of progress
    3. I wasn't confident in the quality of my own writing

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  • 109 weeks
    Six Year Anniversary Update: The End of 'Nuclear Winter'

    Wow, I can't believe I haven't written a blog post since February. Nobody even reads these anyway, but I feel like writing one more just in case anyone has any questions.

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  • 152 weeks
    The Belated Valentine's Day Update

    In Mid-January, I said I was going to get these two chapters out by the end of the month. Then I got busy with school. This time I won't make the same promise because I doubt I'll keep it.

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  • 159 weeks
    The New Year's Update

    I was going to post this on the 13th. Then I was going to post it on the 26th. Then on New Year's Eve. Well, here we are.

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  • 166 weeks
    The Veteran's Day Update

    So it's Veteran's Day in the United States. I don't really have the time to properly celebrate it, so I'll just upload a short chapter of my fic. In case it isn't clear by now, the military is a recurring symbol throughout this story, and they are potrayed as being the only ones capable of restoring order to the wasteland on a large scale. Silver Bullet always admired the military and aspired to

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The Nero Update · 3:49am Dec 16th, 2017

Nope, I'm still not dead, just incredibly lazy.

I'm actually surprised at how much I had posted so far. I thought I had only updated up to chapter 3, but apparently I had it all the way up to chapter 6.
I'm on break right now, so I might be able to pump out a few more chapters, but we'll see. Given my record thus far, probably not, but I'll try my best.

Also, today just happens to be Emperor Nero's birthday. This doesn't really have any relevance, except that it's somewhat related to my computer password.

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