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This account is no longer in use. I'm leaving it up so people can read my stuff. If you need to contact me, send an email to dawnfade@gmail.com

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My collab piece posted, also Uni Days news · 3:47am Oct 20th, 2012

Collab news
Remember that collab I mentioned waaaay back? The entries are chosen at random, so it took a while for mine to be posted.
If you're interested, check it out! I also recommend the other contributions, they are really fun to read through.

Uni Days news
It has been almost 3 weeks since the last update. That's actually not as bad as some of the other gaps between chapters, but it must be pretty annoying for y'all if you are enjoying the story. I feel a little bad about it, even though I don't really have control over it (university is a merciless time thief) so I've got some cool stuff to make it up to you .
First, you can read the unedited first 200 words of the new chapter here!
Next, we have an adorable bit of fanart from FutureWonderbolt!
And MORE fanmusic, this time by DJ Crash! Of course, I'll be putting this stuff in the author's notes as well since most readers ignore blog posts, but for those of you who actually read them, you get to see it all early :)

Love, Dawn

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EDIT: Why is it that 200 assessment words is like 3 pages and story words are half?
I still love it though! Can't wait for more.
Update when you can at your pace :derpytongue2: but still keep it coming :raritywink:
Damn that's some good drawing!

So much fanmusic.

Cooliosiasitis, a chapter WIP! Can't wait for the update now.


Anything you can give us for an estimated release date, maybe?

434736 I swear we like the same things...One of us stalking the other, I'm...semi sure of it...:trixieshiftleft:

Hey Dawn, you're awesome, don't feel worried about updates. Waiting for greatness is the best way to get it :twilightsmile:

Not really, sorry! It happens when I have the time, and that is kinda unpredictable.

434760 Great minds think alike? :twilightsheepish:

university is a merciless time thief
Oh yes. Yes it is. Unless you miss half of the lectures, that is :raritywink:

Also: very cute fanart and amazing fan music! :twilightsmile:
I guess you'll have to release a full album eventually :pinkiehappy:

Damn it, I had JUST gotten University Days' lyrics out of my head. Thanks a lot. :V

(Good on ya, by the way.)

iaza.com/work/121020C/iaza11560278539300.gif I don't blame you for being a little lazy... I am too!:twilightsheepish:

Have you read the other uploads for the Album?

Okay, I can resist.
What did you think of the one with Fancypants? A.K.A mine

I liked it. It fit the theme really well.

The author of Uni days liked my story... excuse me while I squee... actually no, I'm not that ecstatic, but I'm real glad you like it!
Now to get the other stories I'm working on (one of which is up though not complete) to be just as good!

I have no doubt you'll succeed. Practice makes perfect, as always.

Just need to hope now that people will actually read the damn thing.

If you keep writing and improving, you'll get the viewers. The thing about fimfic is that once you have a lot of followers, it makes it a lot easier to get even more. That's why a lot of writers shoot for their "big break" that will launch them into an upward spiral and get them views.
Just don't try to write something that isn't you. Don't try to be deeper than normal, or cuter, or more emotional. Write the stories for yourself and seek feedback to hone your own style.
That said, don't be discouraged from trying new styles if they really interest you. You might find a genre that really clicks with you and inspires you to create.
Gah, I really shouldn't ramble pseudo-advice at people. My apologies.

Its alright. Thanks for the advice! Through to be honest, I'm unsure what fits me genre wise.

@ Fury of the Tempest,

since most readers ignore blog posts,

That really sucks, don't it? Well, always know that I read almost every blog post in my inbox. :)

You'll see...when I have recording equipment, you'll have another music tribute to add on yo list >:c

I just need dem bits...

Good luck with University!...actually... both universities you have to take care of :pinkiecrazy:

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