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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • 1 week
    Petting Session updated.

    I added another 4th chapter to Petting Session.

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  • 1 week
    Petting Session 4 And Other News

    I am thinking about adding another chapter to Petting Session. Maybe I could have a few join as editors? Not sure.

    In other news, stay safe out there folks. Grow your neckbeard and live in your basement for a while with this coronavirus about.

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  • 7 weeks
    Any story of mine you wish to see be expanded upon?

    As in a sequel, or a bonus chapter from an older story of mine.

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    Updated: Big Mac Needs Big Help

    Big Mac Needs Big Help has been updated.

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  • 9 weeks
    Ponies Using Other Ponies As Cavalry?

    Cavalry, as in a pony on the back of another pony. Both are clad in heavy plate armor. The pony on the back of the other pony is smaller, and his hooves don't touch the ground. The pony on the back is wielding a lance or some other melee weapon. Or sometimes a bow, so it can act as a mobile horse archer unit. As a horse archer, it may wear lighter armor or no armor so it can move fast.

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Defeating An Overpowered Pony · 6:11pm Dec 10th, 2017

What do think of my stories where a normal human defeats an overpowered pony by rubbing their belly or giving them a pet?

I love to do it. I think they need some weakness, even if they are overpowered ponies.

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Comments ( 5 )

I LOVE them!!! It's perfect!! I just wish you had a Daybreaker one with clop in it. As well as Queen Chrysalis, Cadance, and Celestia.

That's all. Cant wait for more stories!!

I agree even the strongest things need a weakness. And the fact that its something so simple but no one would try makes it better.

I agree. I too love Bendys HumanxPony storys. There will never be such a thing like "too much HumanxPony Storys". Hope someday Bendy can continue his OP-Ponys get nerfed story. Would like to read how these cute little OPPs would react to that.

Glad you agree. I am writing some stories, and i have 3 so far. One is Ghost Rider. Another is about my OC(that one is being heavily edited). ANd the final one is a SPike x rare ship. Would you like to read them?

Yup, it could even be something abstract, if used correctly, like, that the overpoweredness itself is a weakness. Like one punch man, who is too strong, to find a worthy opponent. At least, if the story and characters are written correctly.

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