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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Tuesday
    New HIE Romance Story Ideas?

    What new HIE romance stories would like to see from me? Requests or whatever.

    What pony does not get enough love from humans?

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  • Monday
    How to win Princess Celestia's heart?

    Just give one of these passes. Do you think it may work?

    Art by artist:notawriteranon

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  • Sunday
    Wholesome Human Breeding

    I released the story. Much bigger than most of my stories most of the time. It's rare and unedited pure bendytrash.

    I hope you enjoy this poorly written, cheesy HIE romance story, my followers and beyond.

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  • Saturday
    Wholesome Human Breeding nearly complete

    The basic outline of the story is done. I have 14k words down, unedited pure Bendyfic. That's about 14 times longer than your average 1000-ish word story of mine. I will however need to iron out issues perhaps by double-checking it free natural reader software. And other grammar checking software.

    EDIT: The unedited version is on (if you want pure Bendy): archiveofourown

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    Basement Dweller Human In Equestria?

    Can a basement dweller human in Equestria story be written well?

    Can such a human (while not evil, just lazy) find redemption and become something useful to society (not a jobless bum etc) rather than sit on the couch all day playing video games or watching movies? Or writing my little pony fan fiction... like me.

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Defeating An Overpowered Pony · 6:11pm Dec 10th, 2017

What do think of my stories where a normal human defeats an overpowered pony by rubbing their belly or giving them a pet?

I love to do it. I think they need some weakness, even if they are overpowered ponies.

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Comments ( 5 )

I LOVE them!!! It's perfect!! I just wish you had a Daybreaker one with clop in it. As well as Queen Chrysalis, Cadance, and Celestia.

That's all. Cant wait for more stories!!

I agree even the strongest things need a weakness. And the fact that its something so simple but no one would try makes it better.

I agree. I too love Bendys HumanxPony storys. There will never be such a thing like "too much HumanxPony Storys". Hope someday Bendy can continue his OP-Ponys get nerfed story. Would like to read how these cute little OPPs would react to that.

Glad you agree. I am writing some stories, and i have 3 so far. One is Ghost Rider. Another is about my OC(that one is being heavily edited). ANd the final one is a SPike x rare ship. Would you like to read them?

Yup, it could even be something abstract, if used correctly, like, that the overpoweredness itself is a weakness. Like one punch man, who is too strong, to find a worthy opponent. At least, if the story and characters are written correctly.

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