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Valiant Charge

Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. The true question is not why we fight but rather "What is worth fighting for?"

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  • 2 weeks
    I love when my parents argue

    Now I know it's an odd thing to say cause when most parents argue it usually leads to tears of sadness but mine are tears of laughter.

    Everytime my mom and dad argue, it's like a comedy routine where dad always looses and it gets even more funny when my little sister gets involved!! I swear I run out of breath when the argument is done.

    1 comments · 23 views
  • 6 weeks
    Guess That Movie

    Last weeks answer: Spawn

    "Fasten your seatbelts, it's goin' to be a bumpy night! Oh! We're goin' in full throttle, that oughta keep thos rebel fighters off our tail! Lock and load gentlemen, time to rock and roll! YEAAAAH!! TORA! TORA! TORA!"

    "No! No Batty to the cap! To the cap!"

    "BOGEY! Bogey at three o clock! Red leader! Red leader!!"

    2 comments · 36 views
  • 8 weeks
    We're doomed

    Trump is officially the worst president since Richard Nixon!

    First he says that asians carry the virus, then he tells people that it's optional to wear masks and now he orders people to stop exporting those masks!

    20 comments · 86 views
  • 8 weeks
    Guess that movie

    Since we're all stuck inside, I'll try to do one movie quote at the end of each week to keep us busy. Here's today's movie


    *Thunder crashes*

    "Oh come on, ya scream like a girl! Do it like this: AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhh!!

    1 comments · 29 views
  • 10 weeks
    Lockdown Tomorrow

    Starting tomorrow, the island is officially on lockdown.

    That means no movies, restaurants, shopping or even going to church.

    Heck, I might get in trouble just for posting this.

    5 comments · 48 views

New PS4 · 2:58am Dec 9th, 2017

My parents got me the new slim version of the PS4.

This one will NOT leave my side. Now all that's left is to get the games.

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Comments ( 6 )

Thats kind of them.

It was a black friday sale.:raritywink:

If you like to play with my on PS4, add me as a friend, my gamer name is B_Rock92578. And I mainly most often play The Division.

Call of duty is not really my type of game. I do play the new fishing game though.

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