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  • 252 weeks
    I have an announcement


    Also, I hate myself for forgetting about my fanfics.

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  • 259 weeks
    Today has been productive

    Next chapter for KoT, WoE is about 75% done, rewrite for the Moon And Its wolf is about 95% done, and finally the next chapter of the Guardian of Peace is about 85% done.

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  • 263 weeks
    Recently got a game

    It's a game I've wanted to get for a while now...but I hadn't the spare funds for it. Now I have it and I must say it is awesome. I am talking, of course, about a game called Subnautica, and I love it. The graphics are amazing, the A.I. is awesome, The Sea Emperor is adorable, and I have just hatched the Baby Emperors...and they didn't eat me! Not even a little bit. The only thing I hate about

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  • 264 weeks
    Okay...kind of a setback.

    Okay let me paint you a picture. I store most, if not all, of my story ideas, incomplete chapters, and basic character info on a thumb drive. That thumb drive is also used as a backup should my hardware french fry on me.

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  • 265 weeks
    Story announcement, and quick story statuses

    Well Guess what? The little gnome inside my head has been pestering me with a story idea for the past, I'd say, week and 1/2...so sometime in the north so nearby future, most likely on completion of one of my stories, my latest psychotic creation 'My, don't I look Grim?' will be coming to a Fimfiction near you!

    a Moon and It's Wolf ~ Hiatus, pending editing

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Well....crap. · 11:37pm Dec 8th, 2017

A portion of the country larger than Chicago is burning, there is a humongous blizzard going right through the middle of us, part of us is underwater...Well time to say we be fucked.

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Comments ( 7 )

Well and truly fucked.

Gentlemen it has been an honor.

Mother nature has finally put up with enough of our shit, she has started her attack...lol

Now all we need is a snowstorm.

We are humans we will find a way to survive

True...but some Humans have become dependent on electronics that they cannot imagine a world without them.

Don't forget Instincts Every Living Being Has an Animal Inside them From there instincts to there DNA

Insane People are just People losing sapients Giving them a more animal-like quality

(Listening to some Russian Music It's Good!)

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