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Meadowbrook: The eight items · 7:43pm Dec 8th, 2017

With Fall of Starfleet entering the last four chapters, we now have the completion of a long running subplot. That is the eight items, and what they were. These eight items were taken from a small ine of dialouge back from Season five when Twilight mentioned that there were only eight items and not nine. This was a plot point that I hadn't really seen any other fanfic attack yet and the idea intrigued me. Item gathering stories are my bread and butter after all.

So, in need of a way to explain all of the changes Grand Ruler did, I made my own contribution to the eight items and from there made more.

(Interesting tidbit: Meadowbrook was actually going to be Jasmine Leaf, but they had to change her name. This is why Meadowbrook is an Earth pony in spite of Twilight saying she was an unicorn.)

But, what are the eight items and what can they do. More importantly, now that they were all discovered, who has what?

Joining me on this little blog post is- Mage Meadowbrook


She is here to offer commentary about why she made each of the eight.

So, without further ado...The eight items.

1.)Wings of Lighting

Current Location: Rhymey has them after being gifted by Conquest

Powers:Able to tap into the speed force, the wings allow one the power of super speed. It allows those who are incapable of flight, wings, as well as granting the ability to move quicker.

Meadowbrook:Consider these like the prototype for the seven to follow. I had actually met a stallion who said he was capable of tapping into the speed force and become as fast as lighting. At first I didn't believe him, but after seeing him move to save a villiage, I was a believer. I had asked him if he could focus that lighting somewhere else. Using some old fasioned Earth Pony Alchemy, I used a few tricks to trap some of his lighting into the wings. Then I used it to get to my paitents quicker

2) Amulet of Dragon companionship:

Current Lovation: In Celestia's vault after the Umbra Circle obtained it.

Powers: Able to warp a dragon's mind into thinking that you are an ally. This will then make the dragon complacient in your requests and will follow your orders.

Meadowbrook: In spite of what these items can do, they are all meant to help heal ponies in some fasion. Guess Grand Ruler and other corrupted that. For instance, this was meant to help me tame dragons when I needed to care for them. Some dragons are quite firece and don't take kindly to ponies trying to treat them. My journies led me across the planet, so I needed something to help with the draconic races. This was made from a very special gem I had dicovered in the mountains, said to be Bahamut's tears.

3.) Ring of fear

Location: Copies were given to the soldiers of Conquest, but the main one is still in his hands.

Powers: Able to install fear into those who are near it. It forces a pony to see and suffer through their worst fears and nightmares. These visions become so powerful it is almost impossible to break.

Meadowbrook: I had some unicorn help with this one. By tapping into the psionic energy of ponies, I was able to tap into their worst fears. I found this great to help them work through their trauma and help them understand themselves a little better. It's usually meant to be worn on a hoof, but it's able to change size with a press of the red gem in the center.

4.)Staff of Null:

Location: In Celestia's vault

Powers: Able to negate all magic in a 20ft radius. This includes innermagic (Such as flight) spells, morphs, or intradimensional spells.

Meadowbrook: This was impressive feat that I spent a whole year working on. My friend Starswirl helped me with the basics by showing me plenty of antimagic spells and some of the different magical auras that poines have. After a lot of failures, I made this. It was mainly a tool so I can operate in a dense magical area without worrying about spells affects.

5.) Sword of Instant

Location: Formerally in the hands of Flash Sentry, it is now resting in Celestia's vault.

Powers:A sword that cuts through the ether of magic, cutting the link between caster and spell. This then destroys the spell entirely. Howefver, since the sword is cutting through magic itself, it has a rebound effect that hurts the user the more he weilds it.

Meadowbrook: Taking the ideas I had from the staff, I made this. It was meant for me to cut through magical diseases in case my potions didn't work. I just never coutned on the feedback to be this powerful. I almost died when I tried it the first time.

6.) Barding of healing

Location: In the arms of Dusk Shine...soon to be in Celestia's vault

Powers:Once on, the armor heals all wounds instantly. As the wounds are accruded, it can heal a pony from any type of damage. The legnth of time it takes to heal depends on the severity. If it is too much, the pony will go into status until help arrives. IT can even hold back the problems of aging

Meadowbrook: Thanks to help from the Changlings, I was able to forge this to work with the sword. From what I heard, Dusk Shine has had this so long that it's keeping him reletivly immortal. I should warn him that it's only holding back the aging process...once he takes it off he will grow old.

7) Tri-Horn Crown

Location: The horns are currently imbedded in the body of Grand Ruler while the crown itself is still on his head.

Powers: Able to increase a pony's psionic engery twenty-fold, it allows for one to have powerful metnal control. It requires believing in the pony wielding it to be at it's most powerful and can wipe minds, change memories, or alter facts in a pony's mind.

Meadowbrook: With the knowledge I accrued from the above items, I made this. It was meant to link my mind with some assistance so we can work in synch. This was so I could work on patients more effectivly . I had never...I didn't think...I'm sorry, I never expected that mad stallion to abuse my gift.

8.) The orb of Reality

Location: In Celestia's vault...thankfully.

Powers: Able to warp reality within a thrity foot radius. When combined with another item, it's strength and range become greater.

Meadowbrook: My best one. The power of this is immense. I was able to craft it thanks to the blood of a draconiquis and some ofther gems. This orb was meant to be my last resort, in case I found an incurable aliness. I would use this to rewrite a pony's basic DNA to remove the illness in an instant.

And there you have it, the eight items and their locations. I had a lot of fun crafting and making them up as you can see.

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Comments ( 9 )

Thank you for this :)


No problem, I had been thinking of doing this since you mentioned it and I think it helps with the set up

Man I feel sorry for meadowbrook.Three of her eight items are being used for evil>~<


I know. And she kept intending them for peace. Kind of plays into that theme of corruption that seems to be in the back of the story.

Very creative, I have to say. :pinkiesmile:

The ring of fear sounds like it was just made to be used for evil.


I know it does. One thing I love about magical items like this is that it can be both...from a certain point of view. I always liked the line from Gandalf when he talked about the one ring

I would use it for good, but it cannot be used as such

Because I think to myself that Bilbo did do some good with it, some. Although, depending on who you look at, it might be considered evil from the spiders and all other's perspectives. Hell, using it to stop Smaug brought more trouble with it than it was worth. I like the idea that Meadowbrook sees these items as a way for good, but then you have people who just want it for evil. And here is the ring, something that seems ripe for evil, but she wants it for good.

I'm curious of the kind of security Celestia's vault has. I hope it's better than the one Odin put in his vault in the Thor movies...


Celestia has made sure that it's strong enough that only she, Discord, or Twilight Sparkle can open it.

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