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Anyone ever been disappointed in a story? · 12:50pm Dec 8th, 2017

Especially if it's started great? But as time go it's become less and less interesting up to a point when you said "Okay, that's it! I stop reading it right now!"? Sometimes it's because plot becomes stupid/boring or because the main character ended up boring/overpowered/turns into typical anime harem protagonist?
For example, I really liked Hiver story about Blank Page - some random dude who ended up in Equestria and who tried to build a new life there.
He never has any contacts with M6, he never participated in canon adventures and mostly tries to make money by writing books. Yes, he has a budding romance with Luna but it's relatively slow-paced and the author even puts an interesting conflict in their relationship built around Luna's immortality and Page mortality. So... back then (first two parts) it been interesting.
In part three little by little Blank Page start to affect canon. At the beginning, it has been small pushes that lead to vastly different outcomes. Like Page attack on Chrysalis - he only able to make a small cut on her face but it allows Celestia to overpower changeling queen and lead to an instant collapse of changeling invasion. In my opinion, it's still great. If Page continued to operate on this level I would easily call Page adventures one of my favourite fics on FiMfiction. But sadly it's not the case.
His intervention become bigger and bigger up to a point when he kicks Tirek ass and TADAM! become an alicorn. From this point, it all goes downhill. Suddenly page becomes the main character of the show. It's he who deals with Starlight, he becomes a master of dream magic, he learns an ancient way of war mages and has some romantic tension with Celestia, Twilight and Sunset (besides his relationship with Luna). So... in the end, he becomes just another red and black alicorn (but he not really red and black).
What can I say? Page story becomes one of the biggest fanfiction disappointment for me. And story holds so much potential...

PS. It's just my personal opinion on Hiver fanifcs.

PSS. Huh... Looks like it's my biggest blog post up to this point.

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