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May start a new fresh YouTube channel soon. · 2:55am Dec 7th, 2017

So five years as UniqueSKD, and I've have managed to round up 1400 followers altogether so far. Compared to other channels, that's pretty awful for someone like myself who hoped to become a somebody on the internet. Which is why starting next year I may set up a brand new channel on YouTube. I haven't decided on a name for it yet, but I know that I might make it another gaming / reaction channel. Because everyone loves those kinds of channels. I had hoped to make it somewhere as an animation channel, but clearly I cannot compete with the likes of professionals such as Crowne Prince, Agrol Channel, or even that Yudhaikeledai fellow.

Now this isn't to say I'll abandon the UniqueSKD channel altogether, oh no. I just need to try something else out. I can't start a gaming channel with UniqueSKD because it's been established as...whatever kind of channel you want to look at it as. A mess in my opinion. And I already know what game I want to do if I go ahead with the new gaming channel idea; I want to play one of my favorite game series of all time; The Dark Souls series. That's a good start, right? And who knows? If I do well, maybe I can use the success to help promote the other channel as well.

I'll also be saving up money to buy the proper equipment to make this new channel work as well. I'll be looking into a proper microphone, a good recording device, and a program to take the video game footage. I don't know what to get, but any suggestions from you guys would be appreciated.

I'll be finishing up my crappy Christmas carol series as UniqueSKD first, and then I will decide whether or not to set up a new channel. If you have any suggestions for channel names, something to help me get brainstorming, that would be tremendously helpful. And I'm asking nicely to the people who are still kind enough to give me a chance. I'm sorry for being so horrible to everyone. I thought I could be someone people would look up to, as I looked up to others, but I'm just a nasty piece of work who cries when he doesn't have things go his way. So maybe it's time to reinvent Unique, and the UniqueSKD name.

Is it even a good name anymore? Or have I soiled any chance of this being the name that people say when they see that picture?

Help me out guy and gals. Help me be better.

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Comments ( 10 )

If you're going for game capture software, use OBS, it's very good and free.
Also, I think you should keep the "Unique" part of your name, just because I like it.

So something like UniqueGaming? Or have you something else in mind?

PlaysTV by Raptr is free, and gives (from what I can tell) good quality video.


What do these devices connect to? Can I use them on any game console, or only certain ones like an Xbox 360, or Xbox One? Can they work on Laptops too?

I have PlaysTV on my Windows computer. I have no idea if it works on consoles.

I see. But does it work well for you and is it easy to understand? Because if I must buy multiple devices to record gameplay, so be it.

It automatically starts recording video whenever you start a steam game. The videos are recorded to a easy to find folder. I actually have no idea where it came from, but it works, and I have used it a couple times.

It has also started recording on some non steam games. I am sure it has setting for this, but I never bothered to look, as I never needed them.

You should keep both channels - "UniqueSKD" and, "The coolest Pegasus (or Britishbod) Ever!"

"The oolest"...what?

Xd "Coolest Pegasus ever/The coolest Britishbod Ever!"

Coolest, not oolest! LOL, and a British bod is a British person! :3

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