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  • Friday
    I know it’s been a very long time

    But I’m alive, still thinking about new chapters, new ideas, and of course I’m thinking of all of you. If you forgot about me, well I wouldn’t be surprised ._. BUT NO MATTER! I’m back! And here’s a project I did. Love you all and hope you guys are okay.

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  • 45 weeks
    Hazbin Hotel will be on TV

    I’m pretty excited about this! Don’t know when it’s gonna air but it’s been confirmed. I wish people weren’t so mad about it. I understand there are a few offensive jokes but tv is full of that. Family Guy’s been on the air for years and although there was definitely people who are against it, no one had had the balls to actually speak up about it or call Seth MacFarland racist, sexist, etc.

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  • 53 weeks
    You’ve probably noticed...

    I’ve deleted the chapters on both A Freshman’s Guide to Ponies and My Little Twily. Well I’ve decided to restart those stories in the near future. I’m going to finish The Ink Machine and Keeping Ideals Alive first, but then I’ll start on them. Hope you all are doing ok and are staying safe!

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  • 56 weeks
    Who will Deku pass OFA onto (if he will)

    Just wanted to have a friendly discussion. I say Kota or Eri (i mean right now that makes sense...)

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  • 61 weeks
    How’re you all doin?

    I haven’t really checked in on any of you, nor have I heard from a lot of you guys. I just want to make sure you’re all okay, especially with COVID-19. If any of you want to talk or have any problem right now, feel free to talk to me!

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Fnaf 6?! (Warning Spoilers) · 3:13am Dec 5th, 2017

Scott trolled us. Again. Fnaf 6 came out today! I was watching DAgames and Dawko play it. It starts as a simulator and goes into the night. I think it was good until I saw the end cutscene. In the cutscene, A voice is heard. I believe it is Henry due to William and his son being English. It said that this was the final chapter of the story. I hope this isn’t true. But we knew Fnaf would end soon. The game is fun. Mysteries, they brought the mini games back, but so many questions are unanswered. I hope that either GT, Dawko, or 8-bit Gaming will figure this out. But Fnaf, I hope, isn’t dead. The survival guide is coming, another book in the alternate Fnaf series, this whole thing can and will be figured out. I know many don’t like Fnaf, but if you do, come up with theories. Until then keep on playing.

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I personally believe FNAF6 happens before FNAF3. Reason: the Phantom ani-mon-tronics look a little extra crispy, don't you think? And what happens in FNAF6? They all get burned. Besides, what happened to Ennard? And his former meat puppet Michael? In other words, it's not over yet.

It’s actually true that Ennard is Molten Freddy. Also it’s a good idea that this happens before fnaf 3 but what about springtrap? He was still in the fnaf 1 location before he was taken to fazbear’s fright.

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