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Impression of "Shadow Play" · 10:33pm Dec 3rd, 2017

I just watched the finale of season 7, and I would like to give out my un-scripted and off-the-cuff impression of it.

First, it was great seeing all the build up pay off and all the callbacks that came with it. The interactions between the elements and pillars was good, though I really wish more screen time can show them develop. The only pair that stood out the most was Rainbow Dash and Flash Magnus. Their confidence and extrovert personality were easy to see. The others, I feel, could have been more.

What I really want to write about are the decisions that have been made by the characters. In the first part, the main question I kept asking throughout the episode was, "Twilight.....what the hell are you doing?!" Because while here intentions were altruistic in wanting to free the Pillars, I got the impression that Twilight was not thinking this through. The only character who came close to express my misgivings was Starlight. Kinda wished she would have said, "Twilight, have you not considered that in addition to bringing back the pillars, you might also bring back the shadow ponies? Do you have a back up plan if that happens?" Apparently Twilight did not, which made do :facehoof: REALLY hard. I felt Starswirl when he gave Twilight the cold shoulder for her idiocy. I don't blame him.

At the same time, when the map gave the elements clear directions on where to find the artifacts used to set the pillars free, this was my thought: "Okay :unsuresweetie: I really don't like where this is going, but if the map has a plan and reason for this risky move, I'm gonna put aside my misgivings, trust the map and hope for the best." I personally put a lot of stock in Divine Knowledge and Intervention, even when they don't make sense at the moment of decision. After all, "rewards prefers risks." :ajsmug:

On to the second part

As stated earlier, I felt Starswirl's cold antagonism towards Twilight, especially when the latter made an completely avoidable mistake. But I also sympathized with Twilight. If I screwed up royally in front of my idol, I would not feel good about it and would try to prove myself by correcting my mistake. Twilight was definitely in a vulnerable position emotionally, which made it heartwarming to see Applejack, Rarity, RD, Pinkie, and Fluttershy stand up for their friend and rebuke Starswirl for his harsh criticism. Thumbs up for their loyalty.

As for what to do with the Shadow Pony. It seems Starswirl and I thought alike in this show. Earlier when I thought that "Stygenr" tried to steal from the Pillars and consolidate power for himself, I automatically lost sympathy for the villain, especially if they try to swallow the land in misery and darkness. Stopping the threat was my main concern, even if it meant banishing the villain. Redemption is a virtue that is hard for me to share.

However, when it was revealed that Stygenr wasn't trying to steal the powers, but copy them, it became clear to me the he was misunderstood and wrongfully ostracized for his actions. It still doesn't excuse his disproportionate retribution when he wanted to extend his revenge on everyone who had nothing to do with what he went through. Still, like Starswirl, I began to sympathize with the villain and sought for his liberation from the darkness.

In the end, while redemption for villains is not my preferred option when it comes to stopping the threat, it is still a valid option. It certainly was for this circumstance.

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