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    Hey guys, here with an update that affects this fanfic, and the entire internet. The FCC are planning to ruin the internet. In other words, ruin our freedom of writing fanfics! I just found out about this ealier this week. So I can't focus on continuing my stories if the FCC are creating a mess at this time. So I searched to see if we are winning this battle. By the looks of it, it does not. So I

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Are we winning or losing?! · 12:45am Dec 2nd, 2017

Hey guys, here with an update that affects this fanfic, and the entire internet. The FCC are planning to ruin the internet. In other words, ruin our freedom of writing fanfics! I just found out about this ealier this week. So I can't focus on continuing my stories if the FCC are creating a mess at this time. So I searched to see if we are winning this battle. By the looks of it, it does not. So I want to hear for you guys. Are we winning or losing? Because if we are losing...Yeah you can kiss this fic goodbye if a lose. As well as my profile if the battle is lost. I'm sure as hell not going to pay more money to do what I want on the internet. So yeah. As of this moment, this fic is on hiatus until further notice. You can thank the FCC for that. Sorry. I love you guys but this net neutrality situation is insane right now. I hope you understand. It pains me to do this, it really does. Please there are good news about this. Please.

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Sorry but it's true. Scary stuff.

What's your source. I haven't read or seen anything about that in the news. Nor have any admins talked about it here.

I saw it on a YouTube video and said some, pardon my language, Asshole named, Ajit Pai, he's headchair man of the FCC is going to ruin internet freedom by making us pay more money to do what we want on the net. Such as if you want YouTube, pay us money. And other stuff. As for source, obviously the internet. Why the news won't tell us I have no clue. Not even from the radio. Geez man this is scary! Suprised no one in this website hasn't spoke about. Guess I'm the first one.

Gotta love America. Meanwhile the rest of the world can't do a damn thing. I mean we're not gonna have to pay more for the internet but Netflix and stuff sure as hell might cost more even here in Canada.

Good job America. You're fucking over the rest of the world again.

Just google net neutrality my friend.

I don't have netflix. I have youtube.

I did. Not good news here. Wish I was Canadian. Just sayin. Not racist or anything.

YouTube might be still affect of the thing passes.

Not as much, but still. I see what you mean. The problem is that not a lot of people know about this. Have you asked one of the owners of this site, if that repeal could destroy this site?

No I haven't. You could do it since I mentioned it. i dont know how to contact them. Hopefully it doesn't affect other fanfiction sites. If it does. Yikes!

Okay. I just contacted Knighty. Lets hope he answers.

Yeah let's. But most importantly, websites that has videos that shows anime, cartoon and more. Hopefully they aren't affected. But knowing the situation, it might. I really hope we win this thing!

Anything from Knighty?

Great. Nothing new on the net neutrality as well. And it still looks doesn't look like we are winning.

As for who the owners are of this site. Go to the bottom where it says staff under FIMFiction. Then that tells you all the approvers and owners of this site.


This is what one of the moderators told me

My take on this whole net neutrality thing is that it's a huuuuuuuge amount of fearmongering for little good reason. All that's being voted on is the 2015 Obama-era reclassification of broadband under Title II, which essentially means the FCC is the only regulatory body that has control over the internet and ISPs. Revoking Title II reclassification means broadband stops being a public utility and stops being subject to a ton of regulatory stuff that makes it extremely difficult for newer ISPs to enter the market and compete with the established giants. It ALSO means that the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, would be once again able to apply antitrust laws to ISPs.

There really is no way forward here that doesn't benefit the major American ISPs in some way; they've well and truly got us in a Xanatos Gambit type scenario. Whichever way this vote goes will benefit ISPs in some manner, but honestly the more I read about this whole situation the more I'm convinced that the Title II reclassification was a terrible idea and the FCC is actually acting correctly here. I highly encourage you to read more about the actual proposal in question, and get that information directly from government sources rather than biased internet personalities. ISPs do not have our best interests in mind, nor does the federal government, but as it stands the FCC is the only regulatory authority capable of doing anything about it. And... they haven't. If Title II reclassification is revoked, the FTC now regains the power to regulate internet providers in addition to the FCC; that's now two federal regulatory bodies these corporations have to bribe/influence/whatever to get their way, and I fail to see how that's a bad thing.

I'm really tired right now (and I'm also extremely sick, and on a ton of medication) so I'm probably not making a whole lot of sense, so feel free to ask me to be more specific tomorrow and I'll definitely give it a try. But the TLDR is that most of the stuff people are so scared about ISPs being able to do if net neutrality is repealed? It already happens. And just because they're not supposed to be doing it doesn't mean anything if the only body in charge of actually stopping them from doing it (the FCC) is sitting on its hands. At the absolute very least, revoking the Title II reclassification means that the FTC becomes involved again, and now theyare also able to do stuff. Will they do stuff? Who knows. But right now they are not able to do anything at all because the 2015 Obama mandate that's at issue right now prevents them from acting. This current vote overturns the 2015 Obama mandate, and brings them back in.

If this whole issue makes you hate the FCC and Ajit Pai and so on, why wouldn't you want them to go through with this vote and bring the FTC on board? Basically is my point.

It's really impossible to say what exactly will happen, whichever way this thing goes. I'm sorry if I haven't really made a lot of sense; I'm more than willing to continue talking about it at a later date if you have further questions.

That's fine, get some good rest. You did one heck of a research here. Tell me more when you feel better. I'm not much of a politics guy and stuff, so yeah. We'll see how things go. I just want things to stay the same.

That is exactly what she said. It doesn't represent my view.

Welp, looks like we lost this battle. FCC might win this, and we have to pay those bastards money so a can access our favorite sites. Good bye freedom.

We did what we could. To be honest, the news didn’t bring this up. I heard it from you. So lots of people didn’t know. Oh well. It looks like one of my favorite stories on this site will be canceled. He said he will quit this site if we lose.

I might have to do the Same as well. What a shitty time we are in.

Well. Don’t do anything hasty. Let’s see how everything plays out and then make a choice.

AFterall, and sorry if this offends you, but in my opinion if you stop your story just because something politically happens, then the only people you are punishing are your fans.

And because of how much senators have to protect they reputation, I don’t think many of them are bronies

Well I'm sure as hell not gonna pay more to do what I want on the internet.

I understand that. And that is an acceptable answer. That is a valid reason not to write. Fan fiction should be free.

What I’m saying is, since we lost, let’s see where the increases, and then if it does affect fanfiction, then I understand if over half of the community leaves.

But if these sites aren’t affect, and don’t cost more to publish and read. But authors still leave, then I don’t believe that their departure was justified.

Well guess how we get most of our writing from
The internet. Such as looking up websites that shows out favourite shows, and stuff. So that will be affected as well. Not to mention our jobs. So yeah. It's all screwed up.

Lets just cross our fingers and lets hope that our sites arent affected. They may focus more on Facebook, youtube, twitter etc.

and leave our little corner of fanfiction alone for awhile.

It might also affect our favorite websites that shows anime and cartoons and more. So there's that.

True, but the only site I watch shows on is Youtube. I really don't trust other sites that much. To be honest it took site reviews before I could trust both Fanfiction.net and Fimfiction.net.

I didn't want to get any viruses, so I had to check to see if these sites were clean.

What's why I use my phone for that.

I was wondering about that?

Do phones ever get a virus from the internet? I always wondered about that.

Not really, but I'd still becareful on it.

Well, once again, i hope our fanfiction will be protected.

I just don't understand why the FCC wasn't that big on facebook, regular fanfiction, twitter, and even this site.

I guess they haven't found out about them yet. Let's hope they don't discover it.

I found this. I hope you like this.


It gives me hope that we can win this back. We better win, or all that we know is lost forever.

Are you still here? I love your fics.

Been busy, but I'm half way there with the next chapter . In my opinion it's not going to be a good comeback, but it shows I'm still here.

Just try your hardest and we WILL see the effort you are putting forward

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