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Thumbnail for my Christmas Carol videos · 11:28pm Dec 1st, 2017

Also, quick rule of thumb regarding my Christmas Carols...

...none of them will have accompanying music. Mostly because I do not want any more copyright strikes on my channel, but also because with or without music the singing is going to be pretty bad anyway. But hey; you might - MIGHT - get some sick laugh out of it, and besides usually when you go carol singing you don't have music to the songs with you anyway, right?

I mean who is going to be able to provide music for the carols anyway? My 'Deck The Halls' video goes up soon so...gonna go down a bottle of coke to numb my common sense preventing me from going through with this awful idea. XD

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Comments ( 11 )

Wait until it’s actually Christmas, you fool! Then, you’ll only have to sing 12 songs.

Consider singing “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time.” You can only improve it.

So you want me to back out of my promise? You sissy!

Mmmm...nah. I'm going to lose enough subscribers with my awful singing as it is.

Gotta admit, that picture makes me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

So what day are you going to do 'The 12 Days of Christmas'? :derpytongue2:

I'll sing any carol people vote for me to destroy I mean sing the next day.

This should be good. If your signing do "all I want for Christmas is you" do something hilarious for it even your thumbnail along with your song:rainbowlaugh:

Nice picture, this is going to be scary! XD

Ooh, no music? Is this a try not to cringe/die of fright challenge, LOL?

No. I just don't want copyright strikes on my channel for using music from YouTube or the internet to sing along to. Besides, traditionally when you go out caroling you don't normally have music accompanying the vocals, do you?

That's true, usually with a collaboration, though. XD You are still doing a great job regardless! :) My other comment on your previous blog was written because it is December third (fourth in England,) and you have two vids up. Have a great night!

The first day was used to announce the UniqueSKD Sings Badly series. Tomorrow I'll be doing the 12 Days Of Christmas, as requested by Level Dasher. If you want a particular carol to be sung, make sure you comment on the video when it goes up tomorrow. Also a Like and a Share if you enjoy the video would be nice. :)

Oh, cool, and thanks!

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