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A man is driving home, thinking about beating his wife. Along the way, he passes a turtle. I am that turtle.

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Car · 2:11am Dec 1st, 2017

I’m currently sitting in a car~!

It’s my car, I didn’t buy it, it was handed down to me by my eldest brother when he moved up to Minnesota. But, this car, which I have sat in for about a week now, is starting to become something special.

I can’t drive. And my legs are SWOLE from long distance traveling from point A to B-

So, when you have a car that doesn’t do anything, the battery goes super dead.

So, I turn it on once a day to keep it alive~! Sit in for a bit, put antifreeze in it and drove illegally around block a bit to spread the antifreeze around inside it...

But, as I sit in this car for 20 minutes or so a day, I realized something.

It’s so peaceful, and quiet, and peaceful.

It’s my car~! Which means, I can lock it and say no one else can get in. I haven’t been there before. A place to keep people out and be alone. Of course, I HAVE, I mean anytime you use the bathroom yeah? I’ve been in those places a lot, but they were places lent to me. Given for a short time. What I mean is my room door doesn’t have a lock, people barge in, sometimes in the dead of night, and there wasn’t a location or place I could say “This is my area, no one enter.” That stable place, with no worry of having it taken away.

It’s my car, I can be in here. Just me.

I love it~

Even though I can’t drive this car, I want to thank and bless my eldest brother, because he may have not given me transportation I can use, he gave me a place that belongs to me, under my control, which I dictate, and it feels nice to have that unopposed in your life at times.

Also he like, totally gave me a car dude, woah, power up man. Merry fricken Christmas JACKPOT BABY YEEEEEAAAAAAAH-

I hope December will be great!

Examines car door.
Lock is broken.

Comments ( 12 )

There's no bond quite like that between an individual and their first vehicle.

That sounds cheesy af but it's honestly pretty true from my experience.

Huh, you're younger than I thought. Unless you just never got a licence.

I’m 25 wait-
I’m 25~

I’m an uneducated man~

Woah... That’s like 90 in internet years. :rainbowderp:

I'm 22. As of a few hours ago. Huh.

I, too, sit in my car every Monday for 20 minutes so it doesn’t die when I actually need it.

I don’t drive much.

Woah!! I know it's a bit last minute but happy birthday~!

I slept in my car and watched anime and chain smoked in random parking lots while waiting for patients when I drove people for a living.

My car is filled with crap. Mostly clothes, books, and at the moment, boxes. Two of the boxes have plates I don't need or want from a recently married friend. The others are either empty or have warhammer stuff, or have paints and glue and things for warhammer stuff

Also it smells like an ash tray and her name is Brunhilda

I love my car.

Plz get your lock fixed tho

That sounds like a stressful time having weird strangers sometimes be with you from point A to B, so I hope you’re not upset when I say that job and lifestyle sounds quite romantic~

I love the Commissar Cain series! If I ever had money, I’d probably play Marines because Cain, Dark Elves because I’m kinda lewd at heart~, or Orks! You’ll never see a purple ork!


Also get that lock fixed. With duct tape.

If I want a private place, I have to barricade my bedroom door. :twilightangry2:

Nah dude like it was kinda romantic for sure. 12 hours on call essentially but life was rarely boring. I met new folks a lot. I listened to the blues with old dudes and bought them tallboys and talked about Kanye west and looked for homeless people off their anti-psychotics in the run down and decaying belly of Jackson

God I love Caiphas Cain. I play imperial guard! One of my sargeants is a cat girl!

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