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    In a bloom, Spike’s problems began. Not with a whisper, but with a letter plopping onto his chest, a royal insignia dressing it.

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Would You Consider a Santa Hat: 2k17 · 8:48pm Nov 30th, 2017

Hey everyone!

So, given that The Descendant is not currently active on this site, I wish to spread a yearly tradition he came up with in his absence.

Every year around the start of December, he started a trend where users would put a santa hat on their current avatars through the holiday season. You know, holiday spirit and whatnot. The fun part of it would be to see how many users randomly pop up with santa hats on their avatars.

The way to do it is quite simple, really. All you need is a program such as Microsoft Paint or the like and a santa hat .gif/.png, which can be found below:

Find some here!

And with just a few easy steps, you can make your current avatar look something like this:

Anywho, a few things to remember, as per the usual:

1. If you need help, ask!
2. If you know how to do it and someone else doesn't, please help them.
3. Please spread the word! Blogs, texts, PM's, Discord, whatever works for you.

Anywho, keep rockin' guys and let's say a silent thanks to The Descendant for starting this thing back in the day. :heart:


Report FamousLastWords · 460 views · #santa hat #2017 #fun
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Comments ( 30 )


Also, any chapters coming out soon?? As well as new stories?

gib jinglemas hat pl0x


Looks very cute on your avatar and good idea to start his trend for him.

I've done a little more than consider a Santa hat, my friend. :twilightsmile:

nice hat very festive


Story Approver

Am I doing it right, Dad?

I've been doing that for a few years now, but I lost my Santa hat copy of my avatar earlier this year when my computer crashed. Guess I just have to do it again. :twilightsmile:


Awesome! The more the merrier!

My hat doesn't look quite right on me...

Lol, that looks great, actually.

You're a worthy successor, brother.:raritywink:

If anyone asks for help, send them my way.

i mean, I would consider it, but then it would hurt the art of my commissioned avatar.

I'd do this, if I had a program, and the end result wouldn't end up making the artwork I borrowed for my profile pic look quite silly.

If anybody wants theirs done I'll do it as long as the avatar has less than 4 heads

Yours is ridiculously adorable.

Hats. Watch me as I go put a lot of hats on a lot of avatars.

Found my old avi from last year and the year before ^^

Well.. I don't have an avatar yet.... Too bad.

Fortunately I saved my old santa hat avatar from previous years. :twilightsmile:

Done! Thanks for the tip! 😄

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