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  • 411 weeks
    Two of a kind

    I have something to say. i am a man of many Comments yet sometimes i can seem confusing in the way i say things. That why i got some help from two new helpers.

    Meet Wild.

    Whats up mates ah be mighta glad ta meet ya.

    And Wisp.

    Greeting it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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  • 500 weeks
    Continuing and Changes

    I've decided that i should continue my story. now to give you some details on it, the first chapter will take place 5 days after DJ gets to Equestria. Also each chapter will be more like a mini story, each set at a different time. think of my character as the living embodiment of Daring Doo, only allot more friendly and goes on a warpath when someone is hurting anybody, he'll have many strange

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  • 503 weeks
    Who i am

    If you have read a few of my comments, you may have noticed that they where kind of, well scary, i have been having a bad few months, thou i do act like that some times when i'm either stressed or upset. also it kind of hard to explain my personality and what goes on in my mind, but i found 3 song that will help you understand, they represent me and the way my mind works, it could be the music or

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  • 510 weeks
    The Shadow Eater Dragon

    Name: The Shadow Eater Dragon

    Type: Dark/Ghost

    Power: Nightmare Shadows

    Height: 65 feet

    Details: a skeletal dragon, two twisted broken horns, thin long tail, red teeth sharp as blades, bone spikes sticking out of its back, long fierce snout, Black Life less eyes, All covered in Ink Black Living shadows.

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  • 511 weeks
    My new story

    I've deiced to write the history of my OC 'Wisp", there will be 3 chapters, each chapter will tell an event in "Wisps" past that changed his life, going from 4,15 and 16 years old. Now i won't say much so to spoil anything, BUT lets just say there will be, Murder, Revenge, Crime, forbidden powers, and most of all "family".

    P.S 15 is when all the freakishness starts.


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The Travelers code OR the rules to multiverse travel · 6:21am Feb 7th, 2012

Before i go into "the code" i should explain what "the code" is. Basically I've been doing some research on multiverse travel and came up with the most likely rules and outcomes for the wayward "traveler". it took me years to put this together, and i was planing to put it in a new series i want to write, but since i already talked about it i might as well read you "The Code". Oh and this is just 2 of the rules not all of them, it would take me hours to write and i don't have the time.

1.Each world in the multiverse holds it own unique wave length, if a human was to travel to a world of ponies, the worlds unique wave length would automatically change the human into the native form, this is caused duo to human kinds own wave length. in order to maintain the worlds "Flow", the worlds wave length sends a powerful surge of energy into the body, transforming the "traveler" into one of native species of that world. However this rule will not always come to pass if the human wave length exists on that world, for example say a "traveler" enters a world domination by giant slugs, BUT at one point, human beings lived on that world, so since human had been on that world before, the human wave length still lingers enabling the traveler to stay in human form. Along with the multiverse, each world has its own multiple dimensions, since each being sends out its own unique wave length along with their worlds, each dimension can't contain two beings with the same wave length, so in order to stabilize the "flow, 3 thing may happen, 1. the "traveler" overshadows their counterpart using them as a host, once the traveler leaves, the host will have no knowledge of what occurred. 2. if the counterpart is incompatible, the world will adjust the "travelers" wave length, just a little so the wave length won't match that of the counterpart. 3. if the counterpart is deceased, the world will make a shadow of the counterpart as a temporarily body for the "traveler", if the counterpart died of old age, the shadow will aged to a younger yet mature age.

2. THIS IS A BIG ONE, what ever you do, do not, i repeat do not temper with the 'Flow", if you in any way tell anyone about events happening in the multiverse, it could change the "flow" of that world, if you talk about a post-apocalypse dimension, the people of that dimension would build defense in case it happens there, thus causing a new chain of events. if you have done so, as long as the "flow" remains intact and no magic or technology is disused it should be fine. some times an event is change by a outside power causing the "flow" to falter, thus causing a "traveler" to come to that point to fix it. if an item that caused the flow has pieces of it scatted around the multiverse, the item will send the "traveler" where their needed most.

Side Note: Items holding the soul, body and mind of a living being can cause the worlds flow to change if a counterparts wave length resides in that world.

So that's a small sample of "the Code", if you want to hear more just comment.

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