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  • 3 weeks
    I've lost access to my Paypal and Patreon accounts.

    Until I can get this sorted, I advise that any subscribers cancel recurring subscriptions until I can get this sorted.

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  • 13 weeks
    A new chapter!

    A new chapter has been posted for Necromancy for Foals 2!


    More to be found in the Author's Notes at the bottom.

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  • 43 weeks
    What about this for a story?

    Another 'Changeling on Earth' story, but it's more directed and less all-over-the-place like Pet Changeling? I really had no idea what I was doing with that one, but I think I could try doing it again with better results.

    Also to clarify, it would be about Queen Sanguine rather than a different queen like Blue. Dunno if that would make it more or less appealing.

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  • 43 weeks
    I want to write, but I'm out of ideas.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I am unable to access my Patreon

    If you are a patreon supporter, please cancel your support or subscription from Patreon. I'm unable to recover a password of mine due to various difficulties, so the money would be wasted.

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Overdue Update · 3:18pm Nov 28th, 2017

Hey followers!

I've been on a vacation from writing for November, (( You prolly noticed the lack of content, sorry 'bout that)) and when December rolls around you should expect me to finish up I Am a Pet Changeling and --possibly-- begin work on the sequel to Necromancy for Foals.

Currently I'm keeping the title simple: Necromancy for Foals 2, but if you have a title suggestion I'd be glad to hear it ^.^

Thanks for following me and hanging around; Should be a story update December 1st.

-Queen Sanny

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Comments ( 41 )

Hope you had a good rest. The title sounds good to me. Return of the Necromanber Foal could also suit

Who likes: Necromancy for Foals: The STAKES Have Been Raised
Eh that's all I got, sorry.

I think "Return of the Necromancer" works fine.

Necromancy for Yearlings.

Necromancy for the Modern Age

I mean that's the thing right, he's moved on roughly 1000+ years, so he's in modern day (for Equestria at least) so the world's moved on, and instead of it being "Necromancy for Foals" (a foal mastering his natural takent), it's now how he has to adapt his talent to the new world.

The Necromancers Return!

Necromancy for Nerds: A Study Guide
Twilight discovers the Necromancer and decides that instead of turning him in, she does studies on him and his powers.

Advanced Necromancy For Foals

Hope you had fun on your vacation!

Necromancy for Foals 2: necro boogaloo

Foalhood for necromancers.

So... you want some titles?

"AP Necromancy for Foals"
"Necromancy and more for Foals"
"Necromancy for Two"
"Bonehead and Locket"
"Necromantic War for Foals"
"From Ashes Reborn"
"Return of the Necro-Prancer"

I could make tons more....

(pulls back large black hood) “huza the necromancer lives now to sacrifice a chicken to help the process along JOCELYN GET THE CHICKEN KNIFE AND SACRIFICING ALTER THE FOREMAN ONE.”
also I like the title simply as Necromancy for Foals 2 but here's a overly cheesy title anyway because otherwise I'd be stuck in my head forever “Necromancy for Foals 2 - Reanimated friendship”

Screw my previous ideas this 4736757 man, woman, or god of the internet, had it right.

My title suggestions are:

Friendship for a Necromancer


Friendship for Necromancers

And this also came to mind:

A Necromancer's guide to Friendship

How about: "He's Back! A Necromancer's Story"?

Necromancy For Not-So Foalish Foals?
I think that's pretty bad, but hey. I took a shot at it.

how to be not so evil. assuming that bone isn’t a villain

"The return of Bone Marrow"

Name of first chapter - "A Scenic vacation"

Necromancy for Foals: I wish I had a better title

Necromancy for Foals 2: Electric Boogaloo!
Serious andser \/
Necromancy for Foals 2: Friendship is Bones/Skeletons/Undead/Undying/Necromancy/Deadly/Death/Some other word that has to do with death/necromancy

Necromancy for Foals Resurrection?

Necromancy : Not A Foal Anymore

Necromancy for Friendship

That's great! :pinkiehappy:
Mmm, names huh?
What about, necromancy is magic.
Or, necromancy vs harmony.
How about, I'm not evil.
Necromancy is disharmony.
And some other ones that could come to mind.

Handbook for your Recently Deceased
Though I also like this 4736724

I was thinking "Necromancy for Friends" might harken back to the original title a bit better.

Another random suggestion: "Ashes to Ashes"

In other news, should there be a crossover with "Mortem: The Last Necromancer"? Bone is sent on a quest by Celestia to deliver a letter.

Oh I like Necromancy for Friends. Thats got my vote!

I think "The Return of Bonemerrow" would make for a good chapter name.

Bone Marrow

Two words, and you spelled it wrong.

Continues to worship Sanny

Necromancy for Foals: Revival/Resurrection/Revivified/Second Prances

Honestly not sure, depends on who it will focus on mainly besides Bone.

i like this one

I'm a little late, but the story ain't up yet so why not?
Boned Scenic
A Marrowed Grimoire?

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