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Deathstroking Update: Help Wanted · 7:58pm Nov 26th, 2017

Okay, well, after the incident from earlier, I'll be taking the day off from this site to do something more relaxing, like watching YouTube or something like that. Trust me, after all this, I need some me time. However, in other news, I'm taking Wave Blaster's advice, and in order to make this story the best it can possibly be, I'm gonna need an editor. Anybody interested?

See you guys tomorrow!

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I would but I'm not a well session veteran of editing like outers on this site:twilightsheepish:

After you get back I might 'try' just pm me if you want to give me a try.

I could help! Just PM me if you decide on me.

I'm up for creative consult, but can't fill up for editing or proofreading. Not enough time to do it right.

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