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Hunted by Ducky McInk · 7:10pm Nov 26th, 2017

Dedicated to Monochromatic and the Book Bringers in general

A/N: Slight modifications for better beat.

Assume “I” is Twilight I guess.

You're walking through the castle,
There's no one around,
And your crystal is dead.
Then you spot her from the corner of your eye.
Ducky Ink.

You're looking for the exit, but you're all turned around.
She's almost upon you now.
And you can see ink on her face.
My goddess, there's ink everywhere!

Running for your life
(From Ducky McInk)
She's brandishing a quill
(It's Ducky McInk)
Lurking in the shadows...
Rapid shipper Ducky McInk
Living in the castle
(Ducky McInk)
Shipping for sport
(Ducky McInk)
6-starred all her writings
Canterlot historian Ducky McInk

Now it's dark and you seem to have lost her
But you're hopelessly lost yourself
You creep silently through the hallways
Adha! In the distance
An opened door with the light on
You move stealthily towards it.
But your hoof! It's caught in an autograph patch!

Smudging your hoofprint
(Quiet, quiet)
Limping towards the room
(Quiet, quiet)
Now you're on the doorstep
Sitting inside, Ducky McInk
Readying more ink
(Ducky McInk)

You're sneaking up behind her...
Overwhelming super-shipper Ducky McInk
Rarity pic distracting at Ducky McInk
Fighting off fangirl Ducky McInk
Wrestling the pictures from Ducky McInk
Slide hundreds over her face
Finally (mostly) safe from Ducky McInk

You limp back into the quiet castle
Ink dripping, painting the castle floor
But you have won.
You have escaped Ducky McInk

Wait! She’s back! Ducky Surprise!
There’s a pen to your head, and ship in her eyes
But you can see Rarity....
Body Slam Ducky McInk


You see motion, and look to your right.

“I’ve see you’ve met our historian,” Cadence says.


"She's very enthusiastic," Cadence explains.


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Didn't know how badly I needed this until it was shoved into my face.

100% pure gold.

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