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  • 210 weeks
    Chapter 9 uploaded

    After god knows how long, Stuck Like This is finally back and I've got something in store for you people! Cosmia has revealed the story of her and the mirror, Twilight decides to use the mirror to change back, will it work? Read the chapter to find out.


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  • 226 weeks
    Chapter 8

    Chapter 8 has arrived, Twilight has a way to turn back, but is it myth or fact? Also we find out a little more of Cosmia, is her plan just for power or is it deeper? Find out in chapter 8!


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  • 230 weeks
    New Story Idea

    I'm a big fan of Gundam, so I decided to make a story based around the events of the One Year War. In this story, Tabitha Stone (Twilight Sparkle) is an ace Mobile Suit pilot for the E.F.S.F. and is assigned to a ship called the Equestrian Dream, there she meets legendary Federation captain Celeste Conway. (Celestia) and her first mate/sister/ Luna (Pretty obvious as Luna can be a human name).

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  • 231 weeks
    EG Movie Reviews: EG 1

    EG1: I'll be honest when I saw the trailer for this I was hyped! After seeing so many fanart of the Mane Six and friends as humans, I was looking forward to this. After watching it, eh....ish. To be honest it's a good concept really but it should have been handled a lot better.

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Save the Internet! · 4:34pm Nov 26th, 2017

Please read this, or say good bye to FimFiction.

There is a way to save the net, call congress and tell them your senator your thought on why Net Neutrality must stay. Or write to one of the FCC's members about why they should say no to the repeal.

There are two supporting Net Neutrality and three against it. This is one of those three....if you are able to convince him to refuse the repeal, the internet as well as countless people who depend on the internet will be safe for another day.

Michael O'Rielly - Mike.ORielly@fcc.gov

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