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What is Love? · 5:20am Nov 26th, 2017

I'm sorry?!

What was that?!


Hmm?! Never heard of it sorry...

What is this love you speak off?

Cause I don't have it...

I can't date till I'm 21..

Also, people tell me I can't date now because of me...or I'm too ugly...

Maybe you're right.

I love seeing all my friends go crazy for their loves and then sit in a corner and cry....

Ahem, what is love you say?

Sorry doesn't ring a bell. *shrugs*

Report ZuzuSky · 273 views · #single #kms #fucklife
Comments ( 18 )

You alright? Would you like to talk?

I'm not really sure I've understood your problem... Why is that you can't date until you're 21?
Plus, there's no starting age to date. Just because you date later doesn't mean you're ugly :fluttershysad: Really, there's no rules...

My dad said I can't date till I'm 21. So boop.

Well... Kind of every father say that. Mostly, they don't really mean it (well, they mean it but they don't).

My dad tells me I can't date till I finish college. And I'll be 24-6! (Planning to take pediatrics.....) But RULES ARE MEBT TO BE BROKEN!! (Not like I date anyone or whatever*whistles nervously)

Well he means it. ;-;

I knew you were dating a LONG time ago. So you ain't slick.

Wit? Sorry I'm kindda dense. I only got "I know you were dating a long time ago." But NO I HAVE NOT GONE OUT ON A SINGLE DATE XDDDD unlessss if we hang out during school performance when I am joining?

Uh alright. ^^;

Oh whoops! What I ment to say was If me and my bf go to school performances where I know or I am one of the contestants count? (But ai'm preetey sure I'd we go to the same school. i would totally hit on you no offence ;))

So you're saying that if I was in your school you would hit on me, meaning crushing and flirting with me?

:eeyup: I swing both ways remember? :raritywink:

*blushes* Oh uh okey. ^^;

Hey, don't sweat, I got ya covered. *places arm around waist*

*smiles and ruffles hair* You're a good friend! 😊💟

*giggles* *ruffles hair* thanks. I don't get that a lot

Well, now you are. *pats head*

..... I am browsing through Wattpad. For NSFW ham pics...... All I can say is.... WHYYY DID I DK THIS?! so MUCH LAMMS!! AND THE JEFFHAM!!! not that I'm against it except the last one......

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