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  • 125 weeks

    So it's been a while, huh?
    A lot has happened.
    I moved, got a job, lost my turtle, lost my laptop, lost my job, got a new laptop, and finally got a new job.

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  • 140 weeks
    The last night

    This is the last night I'll ever spend in this house. It's been a good night. DJ brought home a whole slew of leftovers from work, so we ended up having sloppy joes, and for the first time I several years, I had a glass of milk. I'm horribly lactose intolerant, and so I'll sure be regretting that in the morning!
    Ah but it was worth it!

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  • 140 weeks
    And another one

    Another day passes.
    My phone got turned off today. I'm out of food. It's cold here.
    It was a good day. I'm moving on Monday (egads that's close!) and I'm nervoucited to the max here.

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  • 140 weeks
    I'm still alive!

    I've been busy these past... what, two or three days?
    Packing, working on things around the house, hanging out with people that I'll likely not see for at least a year or more.
    But overall, been having a good time.

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  • 140 weeks
    Day four

    Went fishing today with the neighbors chick, Suzanne. She's the man in the relationship, and a totally cool person to hang out with.
    As always, we didn't catch anything. The waters here, coupled with our bait, really aren't great for catching anything, but have a good time. It's very peaceful and very relaxing.

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And it begins · 6:09am Nov 25th, 2017

So I'm here now.
Yay, I guess? Been meaning to create a profile on here for ages, but if anyone found out about it IRL, I mean it's be the end of me.
But would it though? Sure they'd know 'I'm a brony. I like a show made for little girls.' But in all honesty here, if they can't cope, or at least ignore (not like I'm rubbing it in their faces; I generally try to keep it on the down-low) then screw 'em.
I am my own man, and you are your own person, and don't let anyone else ever make you ashamed of who or what you are.
That's what this fandom started out as, right? A bunch of people who collectively said 'Love and tolerate!' and sure over time it's largely devolved from what it once was, but there are still some good people out there. Be one of them.

Wow. Sorry, I can get just a touch impassioned if I type too long. This got way off track.
So I'm a guy, new here, going to try my best to get this story I've been wanting to write for years off my chest. Get it out there where everyone can see and enjoy what I have to offer, even if it is a niche story in a niche sub-community in a niche community. I'm still going to do it, and have a good time doing it.

I'll try to keep these blog posts coming daily, but let's see where it goes from here. I might just come on at the end of each day and vent what goes on in my world for anyone who cares, and for myself if no one else does.

Oh and if you're interested, my story is Fallout Equestria: Shadow of Everfree, a crossover between Fallout Equestria and Shadow of Mordor. Message me if you want, and I'll respond.

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