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I Am Thankful For All of You · 12:14pm Nov 23rd, 2017

I have been a proud member of this site for nearly six years now, and for most of that time, this place has been my absolute favorite part of this fandom.

I've been writing fanfiction since I was nine, and I've been posting it online since I was nineteen. was where I got my start, and it's where I still sporadically post some non-pony content. I went to Deviantart for a few years, but for the most part, that site is much more suited to drawn art than written; I stopped posting my pony content there when the feedback dried up almost completely.

But this place? This place was different. Yes, it's scope is limited to ponies, but then again, so is nearly all of my writing in the past seven years.

My point is, I've never had so much fun discussing pony (and non-pony) with the internet denizens who come across my pony tales.

So, once again. Thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for critiquing.

Thank you for being awesome. All of you are the reason I do this.


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Likewise we're glad to have you. This site realls is special. I came here from a minecraft community and was quite honestly astonished by the warm welcome and overall mature understanding of the userbase. It was a big weighing factor for me eventually joining the fandom.

We're thankful to have you here too. I do enjoy your contributions to the fandom and Happy Thanksgiving....and I found one with Starlight in it for you!

Happy Thanksgiving, Miles.

Thank you miles for everything.

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