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Deathstroking Update · 10:56pm Nov 21st, 2017

Hey, guys, it's me again. Well, after giving the matter some thought, I've decided to go a different route than the ol' Displaced thing. Rather, I think I'll have this younger, yet just as badass version of Deathstroke be from an alternate Earth where he walks the gray line as an anti-hero/mercenary, until he one of his mission resulted in him getting pulled over to Equestria because of some science-y thing. Like I said, I don't want this to be like my other Assassinverse stories, so I've got several kinks to work out before I can begin work on the project properly.

Also... show of comments: who wants this to happen to Prince Blueblood and/or his father?

Comments ( 3 )

In the comica there was once point were dead stroke was young again

I would want it to happen to blueblood's father but to me blueblood was force to do it, try to get daddy to love him... and he dead already so cant do much to a dead man I mean colt I mean pony.....

I would want that punishment only for Blueblood's asshole of a father since Blueblood was just merely a pawn.

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