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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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Top Ten Villains of FiM, Version 5 · 4:25am Nov 21st, 2017

With a season having come and gone, it's time to look at the villains again and see what's changed. We actually didn't really get a lot of new villains this season, major or minor, we just had the one (Daybreaker doesn't count, since we have no idea whether she's just a vision or an actual separate entity). Here's the previous version, from the end of Season 6. Let's see who moved up, moved down, who got knocked off, and who was added. Also, bewarey of spoilers from the movie if you still haven't seen it yet!

10. Lightning Dust (Episodes appeared in: Wonderbolt Academy)
Why she moved down: With Spoiled Rich no longer taking up a slot, and newcomers on the way, Lightning Dust falls down a few slots. Not much about her has changed. I believe some people speculated that Indigo Zap and Lightning Dust might be related, and I can again see why people think that, as both have similar personalities and are marketed as the anti-Rainbow Dash. I still do think Lightning Dust didn't deserve to be kicked out of the academy, from her point of view she didn't see what the big deal was and she needed a chance to prove that she could learn to follow the rules. Having to start over from the basics would've been more effective than kicking her out, even if she did endanger five civilians.

9. Lord Tirek (Episodes appeared in: Twilight's Kingdom Parts 1 and 2, The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2)
Why he moved down: He might move back up depending on how he does when he comes back in Season 8 (most likely in the finale), but for now he's getting knocked down to make room for newcomers. Much of what I said about him before is still true, and to be perfectly honest, as great as "Twilight's Kingdom" is, I feel like it's kind of guilty of building backwards. It knew from the start that it wanted to have that epic DBZ-esque fight between Twilight and Tirek, so the rest of the story was written towards achieving that outcome. And that involved having to nerf all other characters, and drop the potential of it being about Discord's big act of redemption.

8. Tempest Shadow (Movies appeared in: My Little Pony, The Movie (2017))
Why she was added: I'm not gonna spoil the twist about her name for those who haven't seen the movie yet, but for as much flack as I give her for being an edgy edgelord (her color pallet in particular feels designed to invoke this), I can't deny that she had a good presence in the film. I just wish her backstory hadn't been such a disappointing rehash of Starlight Glimmer's, especially when the prequel comics suggest a different backstory, in which Tempest is personally responsible for what happened to her horn. There's talk that she might appear in Season 8, or a sequel, but time will tell.

7. The Storm King (Movies appeared in: My Little Pony, The Movie (2017))
Why he was added: I seem to be among the few fans who actually really like this guy, he's the right mix between hammy and threatening, and it feels like they combined a lot of the traits that made Discord and Lord Tirek so popular. Heck, some people were speculating that he might be related to Tirek, given their similar designs, but ultimately nothing's been confirmed one way or the other. I think more people would like The Storm King if he'd appeared more during the movie, or at least had more of a presence. I guess I just like villains that don't always have to be complex and serious all the time, a little variety never hurts (part of any good villain, is having them be a good character, and naturally they should at least try to crack a smile every now and then).

6. The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk (Episodes appeared in: Shadow Play Part 2. Movies appeared in: Rainbow Rocks)
Why they moved down: Oh boy, I can imagine LillyPeet and her followers getting pretty upset about this. But at this point, although we saw them appear briefly in a flashback in the pony world in "Shadow Play", I don't forsee the Equestria Girls series doing much with them, not when they're aiming for five minute shorts. That's just not enough time to do justice to these characters, because they're a lot more complex and can't really be pinned down to basic traits for five minute shorts (if they maybe expanded to eleven minutes on occasion, then perhaps they could make it work).

5. Nightmare Moon (Episodes appeared in: Friendship is Magic Parts 1 and 2, Princess Twilight Sparkle Parts 1 and 2, The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, A Royal Problem)
Why she stayed the same: For now at least, she's pulled ahead of Queen Chrysalis for the most appearances from an unreformed antagonist (though that seems likely to change after the events of Season 8), and it's probably cheating to utilize her since she was just a vision in "A Royal Problem", but I think she justified keeping her spot. I don't think any of us could've imagined Nightmare Moon would be so hammy, though it seems Tabitha St. Germain went back to her evil Luna voice for Nightmare Moon she used in "Luna Eclipsed", and personally I would've liked to see her go back to the voice she used in Nightmare Moon's first appearance (though I guess that wouldn't have sounded as hammy).

4. Queen Chrysalis (Episodes appeared in: A Canterlot Wedding Parts 1 and 2, The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, To Where and Back Again Parts 1 and 2)
Why she moved down: There's still one newcomer who has yet to appear, and because of where they place, a few characters had to be moved down (including The Dazzlings). Unless the writers are trolling us, it seems likely that Chrysalis will be back in Season 8 (though what her goal is remains to be seen). And apparently, the reason her echoy filter wasn't utilized in "To Where and Back Again", was because it was thought to be too distracting to the target audience. But I feel like without it, Chrysalis loses something and just sounds like an evil Trixie. It's not really because of anything she did, it's just that space had to be made for the newcomer, and that meant knocking her down a spot. She'll probably move back up next season (I just hope they're not planning to reform her or Tirek, though I wouldn't want to see Chrysalis be destroyed either).

3. Gladmane (Episodes appeared in: Via Las Pegasus)
Why he moved down: It's the same reason as Queen Chrysalis, he's moving down to make room for the newcomer. I think Gladmane is Iron Will and Flim and Flam as villains done right. He has an actual credible reputation behind him, unlike Flim and Flam who outside of their debut are con artists with little credibly, and he actually has a reason to resort to such underhanded tactics and thus be shown as the bad guy, unlike Iron Will who in his debut did nothing wrong but got blamed for something that wasn't his fault (sure, his advice was questionable, but Fluttershy chose to take it the wrong way and become a bully) and then in his return ran a scheme that basically relied on a variety of factors and probably operated under the radar to avoid being busted. Gladmane also has come the closest so far to being a villain who doesn't see themselves as one, someone who in their mind thinks they're doing what anyone else would do (and have a good reason to think so). Also, a big shout out to his voice, Jim Brynes, for an impressive Elvis' like impersonation.

2. King Sombra (Episodes appeared in: Crystal Empire Parts 1 and 2, The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1)
Why he moved down: Well, maybe in some way, shape, or form, he'll return (or at least his ghost will) next season, because he remains the biggest departure from a generic villain, even considering who replaces him for the number one spot. And no, I'm not gonna talk about his "redemption" in the comics, because I could go on and on about everything the arc that was a part of did wrong. Aside from not moving faster when the barrier drops in "Crystal Empire Part 2" and not accounting for Spike, Sombra makes no mistakes in his plan and comes closer than any other villain to succeeding in his goal. So, just who could top him for the number one spot if Starlight Glimmer and Discord can no longer make the list?

1. The Pony of Shadows (Episodes appeared in: Shadow Play Parts 1 and 2)
Why he was added at number one: Though not quite as radical a departure from the generic villain as King Sombra, the Pony of Shadows makes up for it with an incredible presence, voice, and design. I actually legitimately thought he was voiced by David Kaye at first (and it sure sounded like Kaye when he laughed), but that wasn't the case. I particularly like how he has aspects of Stygian's personality and resentment towards the pillars, but at the same time he's his own entity that existed before Stygian bonded with him. There's one little tidbit that feels odd though, he frequently mentions extinguishing the light and the hope of Equestria, and hope is Sonambula's virtue/element. But considering Sonambula was the most optimistic about reconciling with Stygian, and Starswirl was the group leader, I don't get what exactly the Pony of Shadows' beef with Sonambula is. Maybe hope is connected to light, or maybe he's referring to hope in the general sense and not the virtue? Either way, it's not enough to deny him the top spot that he rightfully deserves. I would kind of like to see him come back next season, possibly bonding with Queen Chrysalis (or even King Sombra, as the two both share a mutual love of darkness).

And there you have it. Come back tomorrow, when we'll rank all the Writers of FiM from Worst to Best.

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Comments ( 4 )

Here are my picks:
1. Starlight Glimmer
2. The Storm King
3. Pony of Shadows
4. Chrysalis
5. Tirek
6. Juniper Montage
5. Gloriosa Daisy/Gaia Everfree
8. Principal Cinch
9. The Dazzlings
10. Rumble (for the purposes of this list, I'm counting him as a villain)

M five top choices is 1. Tirek, 2. the Pony of Shadows, 3. Nightmare Moon, 4. King Sombra and 5. the Dazzlings. HM Daybreaker.
I wonder if the Pony of Shadows and Nightmare Moon were corrupted by an evil force a greater evil or darkness. What do you think?

4733260 The comics hint at something called The Nightmare Forces, but there's no word on whether or not they're "The Darkness" Stygian spoke of.

Interesting choices.

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