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Family Updates and New One Shot to come! · 5:51pm Nov 20th, 2017

Sorry about the wait everypony, but just remembered I never let you know what happened with my mother! Everything went well, she got through surgery just fine (though it took longer than originally thought because of old scars and the like) but she came home the next day. She is doing great, in little pain and walking around. She just can't lift anything over ten pounds for awhile, which means it is on the shoulder's of my brother and me to cook most of Thanksgiving dinner, but that is okay.

Also, because I have been so stressed with the things mentioned in last blog (mother's hysterectomy operation, job hunting, and sibling contention), writing dark and sad scenes I just I haven't been able to do. So to keep me writing still, I've been working on a quick little comedical (hopefully heh) one-shot with Trixie and Queen Chrysalis. Don't want to spoil too much so will just tell you the (working) title for now: Magic Show-off: Trixie vs Queen Chrysalis. I've been having fun writing it and it is something different from what I usually write (being in 3rd pony rather than 1st) so I hope you all will check it out when it is published.

Other than that, once I am done with this one-shot I should be in a better enough mood to work once more on Long Live the Queen. (Let's just hope having family starting to come down tonight for the holiday won't keep me from writing too much this week!) Anyway, have a great day all and enjoy your turkey, stuffing and of course the pie! :pinkiehappy:

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