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My own cartoon · 7:02pm Nov 19th, 2017

I've been thinking about the concept for my own cartoon for some time now. My greatest inspiration for it has been Gravity Falls. I wanted to share it now, in case somebody has the same idea and turns it into a show before me.

Murasaki is a punky teenage girl who causes nothing but trouble. She's a pickpocket, she often tags houses and generally does whatever she wants and ignores rules that she doesn't like.

She's not on a rampage though. She only gets back at people that have wronged her or someone else.

Her little brother Midori, however, is very reclusive. He wants to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. His outlook on the world is very cynical. He knows nothing he could do is going to change anything about the bigger picture so why even bother.

Him and his sister don't get along and argue a lot. He criticizes her for getting into trouble, while she thinks he's a boring party pooper, who only cares about his grades.
They would, however, let anyone taste the ground who even talks bad about the other.

One day, after causing massive damage to the school, Murasaki's father, the principle, who has been very patient in trying to show her that there are other ways, sees no other option, but to sent her to a boarding school.

Enraged, she wants to spend her final day at home exploring the mysterious mineshaft closeby, that she was never allowed to even get near.

In an attempt to stop her, Midori and Murasaki fall down the shaft and go through a portal, transporting them to a steampunk-ish, medieval-ish world.

Unable to go back, they look help in a nearby town, where they befriend the transforing gecko Bromley Silverstein (think Capper crossed with Roman Torchwick) He is in debt to just about anyone in this world and going with them is is best option.

They would help out each other. Bromley would show them around and teach them to fight and they would protect him.

This land they're in has many kingdoms, with their own rules and regulations.

There are people living outside the kingdoms called Skavengers. Because they like outside the regulated kingdoms, they think they can do whatever they want. They capture our heroes, but they escape, with the help of a later killed inmate.

Finally realizing the gravity of their situation, Murasaki, who was almost ready to join the Skavengers, understands that she and her brother need to look out for each other now.

But because Murasaki couldn't resist getting her hands on their treasure, the three of them get targeted by the Skavenger Queen.

The rest of the series is them trying to find a way home while helping townsfolk, battling monsters and being chased by Skavengers.

One big element of the show would be Tama, the power to manifest your soul, which Midori can tap into. Tama manifests in very different forms. Sometimes it appears as a weapon, sometimes as a super power, like Bromley's transformations. Midori's Tama manifests as a cane,while Murasaki uses her guitar to fight (and maybe gets Tama-Gauntlets later on. I haven't decided yet.)

If I had to describe the style, it would the the humour, darkness and animation style of Gravity Falls crossed with the story structure of Avatar. With a bit of RWBY mixed in.

What do you think?

Anybody wanna draw those three? I can't manage to draw a decent-looking human being.

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Comments ( 3 )

This honestly sounds really interesting. Do you have any other minor inspirations?

JJBA gave me the idea for Tama and the dynamic between the two siblings, as well as Midori's personality, stems from me and my little sister, whereas I am Midori and she's Murasaki (even though she's 8 and I'm 18 and she's not a delinquent). We often get into each other's hair, but we care deeply for each other. I just don't want to admit it.

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