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Canvassing Opinions (my ongoing PS4 woes) · 1:49pm Nov 19th, 2017

Okay, so...

The problem I've been having since the 5.0 upgrade? Where my PS4 absolutely refuses to connect to PSN despite everything else I own connecting just fine and NONE of the Internet settings being a problem? Still having it, nothing seems to fix it. It's looking increasingly likely that I have to reinitialize my PS4.

Now, here's a thought:

This PS4? Has been having issues since I got it. I've had to rebuild the database roughly every 4-5 game installs, because I occasionally get a console crash during gameplay where the screen goes black and a high, loud buzz comes out of the TV speakers for about 4 seconds before the entire console shuts itself down. Rebuilding the database fixes it for a few months.

I've got a 500GB Slim model. It's barely a year old. I shouldn't be having these kinds of problems. But the nature of every problem I've actually had with it seems to point to a wonky hard drive.

I've been pricing 1TB SATA internal drives on Amazon and they're dirt cheap right now.

What do you think, peeps? Should I just use this latest bullshit as an excuse to pop in a bigger hard drive and start fresh? Because I'm starting to feel like that's ultimately going to be the best solution to all of this.

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Have you tried switching to PC?

Well if you are really sure you want to upgrade to 1TB, then do it but if you aren't really sure, Don't do it. Well it your own choice but you still want someone opinions then, in my opinion, you should upgrade it this was bugging you to hell and that about it. But it still option to you so make your choice and don't regret when choosing it.

I have one of the older models so I don't know your woes, however I'd recommend going to a game stop or something similar and trade for a better (used) ps4.
Otherwise save up, get a new PS4, and pray for the best.

....what the FUCK does that have to do with anything? What are you even trying to suggest there? Do you even understand what I'm talking about?

Can't imagine why I wouldn't want more space on my PS4, especially since the PS4 full-installs even disc games to the hard drive. 500GB would fill up pretty damn fast. 1TB would take long enough to fill up that I could save up for a 4TB external drive to complement it. And it's not the first time I've upgraded a PlayStation (upgraded my PS3 from 128GB to 500GB). The main issue here is "would this fix the problems I'm having", as in, I'm asking if anyone thinks I've got a bad motherboard in this thing from the problems I'm having. And the problems themselves honestly seem to be more a hard drive thing.

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah "replace the whole system" isn't always the best, or only, option. If I thought that was even remotely necessary, I'd just send it back to Sony for a replacement console since it's still under warranty. No offense, but you don't really seem to know what you're talking about. ^^;;

I don't have a PS4, but a bit of googling gave me this tidbit:

The PlayStation 4’s database begins to clog over time which makes it inefficient and slow. Rebuilding the database will significantly boost your consoles performance and reduce freezing or lagging.

Man, that's just bad system design, and if that is in fact true, swapping out the HD won't likely fix your problems, only delay the time until it happens again. Also, this:

After the PS4 4.5 update, there is a major PS4 WiFi problem impacting many a growing number of users. If you see the NW-31297-2 PS4 error code and cannot connect to WiFi read on for what you need to know.

It just says reboot your router, delete and recreate the connection on your PS4, and if that doesn't work, it says you should get a wireless extender with an ethernet port, a power line ethernet adapter, or run an ethernet cable to the PS4 instead of wifi. None of those sound like they should be good solutions though, Sony should just fix their shit.

Yeah, the PS4 has a whole hell of a lot of fail built into it, in all honesty. Especially the "installs disc games fully to HD but you still need the disc" and the whole database rebuild thing. But it's still tons better than XBone, and has games I really really want to play/have been enjoying on it. And up until the 5.0 update, I was ONLY having the periodic crash issue which, again, database rebuild thing. But I'm 80% sure the hard drive in my PS4 was bad to begin with, and 95% sure that upgrading the hard drive would be a bonus on top of reinitializing the system (which I was probably going to end up having to do anyway).

But yeah...so many things about the PS4 are a step backwards from the PS3 it's not even funny. :(

My Xbox hasn’t given me any of those issues. I say if it’s cheap to do it, why not do it for the sake of doing it. If it doesn’t work, you could always call Sony and see what they have to say about it.

If it's still under warranty, I'd sync everything, back it up and send it in for warranty repair. Could be a bad solder job (cold solder joint problem) that manifests during load. That's not to say that hard drive isn't having issues as well, but it could be more than one thing. Now, if it is past warranty, I'd definitely look into replacing the hard drive. I haven't tried pulling the drive from my ps4, but if it's anything like the ps3, then it shouldn't be very difficult. 15-25 dollars for a Sata-USB adapter and you can actually check if there's anything wrong with the drive before you drop the cash to replace it.

The "installing whole games" thing is even worse because they're blu-rays, and the games can be up to what, 50GB? (Well, I don't know if there are any multi-disc games, but still.)

And still requiring the disc is one of the oldest methods of copy protection, if they let you install then play without the disc, you could resell it and still play, and if there were a serial number or something them you couldn't resell the game anyway.

I've found that few problems aren't at least improved with bigger, faster hard drives. Strangely, the performance boost switching from HDD to SSD seems fairly minimal, but that means you can invest in even bigger drives!

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