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Drinking 101.01: I forgot something. · 7:29pm Nov 18th, 2017

For anyone who missed it, I did a little-ta-mid sized post on alcohol last night.

I did forget one little thing. Another thing on the sweeter side, go put your liquor of choice (usually Tequila, Vodka is also popular) and orange juice over ice then add some grenadine. You’ve just made a (name of liquor) sunrise!

And it looks like best human/pony!

Finally, if you really want to get on the train to drunk town in a hurry, are at a bar, or have a ton of random liquors and some soda of some sort, but still want something sippable, Look into a Long Island Ice Tea or an AMF. They’re usually deceptively tasty despite the crazy amounts of booze they contain.

Alright, now THAT should do it. Thanks again, again to nuclearcore for the blog request. Again, if you wanna get on this sweet, sweet blog action just sign up at my Patreon!

You also get access to stories as they’re going through the editing process, so there’s that.

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What about mead?

Mead can be pretty tasty if you can find it.! Places that sever a lot of wine tend to have some options. Also bigger Whole Foods in the like.

I'm not a huge expert here, but I like these guys well enough.


I'm just using that as an excuse to post this:

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