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Feeling The Vibe Update: The First Villain confirmed! · 10:49pm Nov 17th, 2017

Allow me to introduce the first villain that Pinkie Pie will go up against as Vibe:

You see, Stormy Weathers was a scientist who created a device that could allow the user to direct the weather, thereby allowing non-Pegasi to become Weather Team members. However, a couple of his co-workers gave the big boss the heads up that Weathers was weaponizing the device for military use, and planning to sell it to the highest bidder, which of course means that Weathers got canned, and is now out for revenge as the Weather Wizard.

Thoughts? Also, still looking for that cover art!

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So while i cant give any major opinion on the villain you picked mostly because i dont know him very well i did look for vipe pinkie pie never found one

While weather wizard stretch for attention. I say this weather wizard has made her deubt in ur story

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