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Black Lives Matter, this isn't hard

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  • 14 weeks
    old plans, part the end

    Somebody pm'd me to ask me how this was going to end and I realized I did in fact have it in me to post this. Sure wish I'd managed it six years ago! Things in parentheses are the bits that'd take too much time to handle in this format.


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  • 277 weeks
    amazon job fact sheet

    +$12 an hour, full time with benefits
    +their warehouses are a marvel of distribution engineering
    +Amazon doesn't care enough to lie to you
    +they have employee training down to a science
    +the break room has cheap food and soda
    +day four and my hands are fine!!

    -there are two break rooms in one massive warehouse, so five minutes of your breaks are spent walking

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  • 278 weeks
    a rewrite by Pinklestia


    I'm posting any ANS material I get. Here's one! A New Sun Rewrite, by Pinklestia.

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  • 278 weeks
    regarding fanfanfics

    To reiterate, A New Sun is dead. It's so dead that I'm having trouble forcing myself to summarize the ending. But I know a lot of people still care, because they've told me so. More to the point, someone just asked me for permission to do a sort of rework of ANS.

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  • 287 weeks
    old plans, part 5

    I'm busy with school, my hands hurt, and it turns out my dog has pancreatic cancer. So these are going to get shorter, but they have to happen because, I don't know, they just do.

    The following is either one or two chapters.

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regarding fanfanfics · 9:20pm Nov 15th, 2017

To reiterate, A New Sun is dead. It's so dead that I'm having trouble forcing myself to summarize the ending. But I know a lot of people still care, because they've told me so. More to the point, someone just asked me for permission to do a sort of rework of ANS.

To be clear: I have no problem at all with reimaginings, partial or complete rewrites, fixfics, second-person genderswap mpreg porn, alternate universes to this alternate universe, or anything of the kind. I'm not going to qualify that statement; I don't consider any of these things theft. It's just more art, so far as I'm concerned, and if I didn't think that then I wouldn't be writing fanfics. If you write an ANS fanfanfic with the proper citation and you've still got people giving you shit for "theft," link and/or quote this blog, and if they keep it up, PM me and I'll wade in there myself. I don't have it in me to read any fics riffing off of ANS after the way things went, but I'm not offended at all. I'm too busy being surprised how much people still care.

Just give some kind of clear indication that you're pulling from A New Sun and we're good. To be honest, I doubt this blog is going to be necessary, but it's important to me that people feel free to write.

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Would you mind signal-boosting when this fic takes off? I'd be curious to see another person's take on the characters you created.

And kudos for such a positive attitude about folks playing in your sandbox.

this is relevant to my interests!!!


4726547 As in definition of the term? It means to do a blog post or generally help inform folks that something has been made.

I like Andrew Hussie's approach to fanworks. He's officially declared all OCs canon. When someone asked whether he was aware of a certain Tumblr of anonymous x-rated Homestuck confessions, he said something like "if by aware of it you mean its sole contributor, then yes." He's a notoriously flippant guy, as in that's his entire shtick, but his statement on fans and fanworks has always been that he feels humbled by the passion and creativity he sees. He's said that at this point the story isn't really his anymore.
I aspire to that attitude, and luckily, I'm finding it easy so far. I get it now. If I'm done with the story then why can't other people use it? Even if I weren't done, who am I to stand in the way of creative impulse?

To be honest, I've been in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing in general, so now I want to see people indulging their own desire to write. Write anything, I don't care. Write! Fucking write, so I don't feel so bad for stopping! Don't ask me how that works -- just write something. What could possibly go wrong?

Good, because signal-boosting sounds like a good idea and that's what I plan to do. I don't have the "reach" to really get a fic to take off on my own steam, but I can spread the world a little.

4726637 It's a good attitude to have.

Do signal when a ANS fanfanfic sees the light of day!
I'm also one of those who still cares. It really was one of a kind. :)

I am the one working on the rewrite, as soon as my darn allergies get better. Is hard to write between sneeezes, crying and throat pain. Basically one of the big changes will be that Celestia is so amazing and ideal that most humans just ignore her existence because logically such wonder doesn't exist. Mag, considering the state of mind she was in when she first saw Celestia, is actually able to see her.

I can't write Mag exactly like Ragnar does, hence why it will be a rewrite instead of a sequel.

Expect a lot of weirdness and dream sequences because I think that’s you get with a Goddess of Dreams living inside your head.

One of the original ideas for FiM that went unused was Princess Luna teaching magic to Twilight Sparkle, because our adorable sad woona was considered too “scary”.

So expect my version of Luna to be a very good magic teacher, if having the handicap she never taught a human magic before.

Sadly no human government taking notice of Celestia, because such wonder doesn't exist, means some characters I liked aren't going to appear.

But such sacrifices are needed, because for me the main goal of the story is Celestia, Luna and Mag trying to revive a dead wotld, not Celestia trying to rule over humans.

Oh of course any human that does notice Celestia will practically worship her, because she is still a great wonder and a Regent, only not from Earth.

Expect smoking, guns use and regulations, drinking, mentions of sex and so on. Celestia, Luna and Mag are adults and Mag has a terrible mind to mouth filter.

Best of luck with that. I hope it turns out great.
My advice to you is not to compromise your natural style for the sake of imitating the original. Let your own voice shine through.


My own style is rewriting stuff over and over again.

That explains why I havnt seen any updates in awhile.

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