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Update on The Chrysalis · 12:02am Nov 15th, 2017

I start feeling uncomfortable enough when the time between two updates starts approaching a month, and we're now a fair ways past that. So, I thought I should at least give an update on how things are going.

Short version: it's going to be a bit still.

Now, I know word about delays is often taken as a warning sign, so let me assure you, I'm not abandoning the story. Far from it. It's fun for me. I enjoy the story. I get writing in whenever I have the opportunity and focus, and I'm excited to get to upcoming events, including ones in the chapter I'm working on. The problem isn't waning interest.

The problem, as far as writing goes, is that I'm back in college, and this term has been pretty heavy. Not only is the schedule cumbersome, taking up most of the most productive time for writing (Early, when I can write alone without distraction), it's also had far more homework than prior terms. So, while I still eagerly slip in some writing wherever I can, I haven't had the big long chunks of time to write like I used to. Instead of having several hours where I can sit down, get completely into the setting, and write, I get an hour here, thirty minutes there. It's painfully slow, but it's still moving on. As much as I'd rather spend the time writing this story and all its interesting details, I have to do my school work first.

There's hope on the way, though. The term is almost over, and while holidays also mean a lot of time with family, it also means more free time where I can get some writing done. Next term will hopefully be less crazy (At the very least, I hope to get a less awkward class schedule). I was quite happy when I was getting a chapter done every two weeks or so, and I'd love to be able to return to that. Hopefully soon :twilightsmile:

...Especially since posting the next chapter without a prompt followup might cause a riot. :twilightblush:

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Comments ( 7 )

A status update is still a lot more than some authors give, so it's all good.

No problem. The story is awesome. I'm not worried; take your time. :twilightsmile:

...Especially since posting the next chapter without a prompt followup might cause a riot. :twilightblush:

...what's that supposed to mean?:rainbowhuh:

Who cares? :pinkiehappy:
*preemptively sharpens torches and oil-douses pitchforks* :pinkiecrazy:

No worries, when its done, its done. Just please dont let this story fall into the down and out.

Do what you do I'll try not to be worried and life comes first and it has only been about a month sense the last update. But I have seen a lot of really good stories go down this path and they just kinda fade away in the middle. But as Ive said I'm not worried yet.

No prob bro, understanable. :pinkiehappy:

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