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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.

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Refections on The Goddess Saga and Fan Fiction in General · 1:32pm Nov 12th, 2017

I wrote my first fanfic before "fanfic" was even I word. It was about 30 years ago (damn I'm old), I was either in 6th and 8th grade (can't remember which), and it was either a Star Trek or Captain America story (I wrote one of each, I just can't remember which one I wrote first). I wrote it during study hall (I know, bad student) in a blue binder in pen. Both have been lost to time as with all my stories both fanfic and original. Back then I wanted to be a professional writer. My main influence was Stephen King. Then I wanted to write and direct movies. Eventually I feel in love with music and that has been my calling ever since.

The idea that, why back in my middle school home room, that one could make a living writing fanfic, did exist. There were the Star Trek novels, Star Wars, you know, the official releases. Official property tie-ins are nothing more than fanfic that the property owners can make money off of. And like regular FF, it runs the gambit from great to, well, moving on. And that kind of what my goal was. Much like cover songs are to musicians, Property tie in novels were seen as a way in the door so to speak. A way to hone your craft before writing your own material. But, like the covers I had originally learned when I first started playing, I had lost all interest in doing "other people's material" and decided to write my own.

Also, the main license holders were still major gate keepers. They sat back, read all the officially submitted manuscripts, and judged who was worthy and who wasn't. So even if I did write a property tie-in, I would still be forced to go through the same vetting process as if I had submitted an original story. More so because no corporate entity would want any work which they thought might drastically change, mess with, or compromise their little cash cows. So that was another thing that killed my interest in writing fanfic.

A few years after, maybe 9th grade, possibly 10th, I discovered fanzines. Small, independent, publications you ordered through the mail dedicated to an existing property. Most of those zines had either a section dedicated to or were all about fan fiction. Then, like now, the writing was questionable at best, horrible at worst (Spock in Chains stands out clearly in my mind). I was interested but I had already moved on mentally and most didn't pay and like any good American at the time, I thought no way if it doesn't pay.

The internet made it's debut about a year after I graduated high school; maybe two. Time gets fuzzy after a while. In those days it was mostly porn, corporate websites, and fan sites. So exactly like it is now. And on some of those fans sites, they had fanfic sections. Once again, I go interested and actually started writing some X-Files stories. Of course, back then, the corporate overlords were merciless and squashed, fined, and litigated any fan/fanfic site they found. So writing and posting to these sites was a dicey business and, like before, I lost interest and moved on.

Flash forward 20 years.

I'm married, a still unsuccessful musician, trapped in a job I hate for a failing company, and a parent of 2. Life kind of sucked. Having kids though, I was reintroduced to several things, toys, cartoons, coloring, and so on. One of the things I was introduced to MLP:FiM. It was a cute show. It had some good songs, and I could watch it with my kids and not want to gouge my eyes out; but that was about it. Then I saw the first Equestria Girls movie and was completely blown away. The thing that got me the most was just the simple interactions between the girls, like getting ready for the big dance. It was the girlhood I always wanted but never had (for lots of different reasons). It stuck such a chord, I almost cried. The second one was also really good and cemented my love for the series.

That is until I learned about Friendship Games.

As soon as I learned about that and more and more of the details, it looked like the 80s all over again - forget plot, character development, just shove a crap ton of product in front of kids faces and sell units. I hated the fact the Dazzlings weren't going to be in it, I despised the character of Sci-Twi, I thought changing or dropping the Flash/Twilight romance they spent 2 WHOLE FREAKING MOVIES BUILDING UP was stupid; it looked like it was going to be a train wreck (which, in my opinion, it mostly was). So it was then I decided to act.

Like most people, I had my own thoughts as to what had happened, and what should happen, after the end of Rainbow Rocks. The idea had been rolling around in my brain for a while but I never thought of writing it down, because why? I was an adult with real worries and no way to get the story out even if I did write it. Then, I found Fim fic; and after much debate, I said screw and began to write my first story Even Mountains Erode Over Time.

My original goal was to write a story aimed at tween girls form a feminist view point that addressed what happened after RR. It would be as magic free as possible (because I hate magic, it's the ultimate plot contrivance), and follow the girls through high school, college, and young adult hood, fit into existing EQ/FIM continuity, and I was going to finish before the new movie came out because I didn't want to be influenced by it. Lofty goals. Most I met, some I didn't.

Having an idea for something and writing it down are two vastly different things. As I started to write I realized pretty quickly this was going to be a beast. It would be super long and involved and it was then I faced my first dilemma - How much time and energy did I actually want to devote to this thing? I was writing this on Friday nights/Saturday mornings which was the only free time I had. I was going to bed late and waking up tired. While I loved what I was doing, I wasn't actually getting anything from it. So, once again, how much time did I want to invest?

I found myself cutting down/out a lot of things. Some events I left out entirely, some I moved forward drastically to the point of making them seem unreasonable, and as time ticked away, I ended up doing that a lot more. Still, with all that, I didn't finish the story until the day of Friendship Games. My story was woefully incomplete, not the grand epic I had planned, but it was good enough in my eyes (and based on reactions, most other peoples eyes as well). I was done, over and out.

Except I wasn't. I had gotten used to my little writing schedule and wanted to keep it going. So I started on my expansion stories. As with Mountains, I kept it tween girl centered, feminist, and in continuity. The last was really hard. Because they stories were set between RR and FG, my hands were really tied as to how far I could push/change the characters. I couldn't do anything that would drastically change or alter anything as it related to the events in FG. Looking back, I can't say I was always successful. Then again, neither is the show all time either so, eh.

I also wanted all the little stories to build to something, something big, another long story which would serve as my magna opus and my swan song. As much as I enjoyed what I was doing, I knew I didn't, I couldn't go on indefinitely. There were other ideas I wanted to explore, both pre-existing and original, and, honestly, I was getting bored with the source material. So my next long fiction would be my last.

And that brings me to Everything Dies.

ED was going to be totally mine. Set after FG, I was going to ignore everything that happened in FIM and EG and write the story I wanted to. I took elements, ideas, and characters from a story concept I had in 6th (?), 7th (?),8th (?) grade and merge it with what I had already written to make my final statement. It was going to a commentary on growing up, love loss, and if there is a meaning to life (also some political and religious commentary as well). Seeing as I was now officially striking out on my own and no longer tying it to show continuity, I thought I was absolutely free to do whatever I want (in the already established parameters I had set for myself). And to a point I was. But those old bugga-boos of time and boredom set in. So like everything else I had written, things got cut, changed, moved up. Still, I covered most of what I wanted to. For perspective, Mountains covers about 8 months in over 90,000 words. ED covers about 2 months in over 180,000 words (although the epilogue does jump forward 3 years).

So 331,646 words later, what does it all mean. Well, in all honesty, if I had written everything out as I had planned, my word count would have easily been 3-4x that amount (if not more). There's a lot I cringe at now. Things I wish I would have done differently, characters I wish I would have used more (I love you Pinkie, Sonata, and Derpy, but my god are you all too hard to write for). Still the meat of what I was going after is still there. And at the risk of sounding egotistical, I still think I did a darn fine job. They stories are deep, thoughtful, and above all, treat the girls with absolute love and respect. I can never express mow much I care for these characters and how much they mean to me (especially as they became more my own as I wrote them). I know I touched on themes and took the characters in controversial directions (including giving them real names) but I did what I felt I had to and it made writing them all that much more enjoyable.

So now what? What comes next? Well, I want to find a place to where I can write/post Transformers fanfic now. I have a ton of ideas for that and that is where my heart is at the moment. I'm excited in a way to write those stories I haven't been for here in a while. I also have an original novel I started last year that'd like to get back to and see where it goes. And while I said Everything Dies is my swan song, who knows. I still have ideas for stories in both my existing continuity and for others set apart. Rainbow Dash as a monster hunting archeologist, Fluttershy gets turned into a vampire, a Sunset/Starlight ship fic, Twilight and Flash going to other worlds (I have an idea which recycles a Doctor Who fanfic I had in mind), so the ideas are there. I also haven't ruled out coming back one day and giving my existing stories the full George Lucas treatment and rewriting as I originally planned them. But that's not today or in the near future.

So, I want to leave you with this. Thank you for allowing me into your community and fandom. Thank you for the support you've given over these almost 3 years I've been invading your space. If this is the end and I never return, please note I had a blast for the most part. Good luck to all of you in whatever you do.


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I hope you do come back. But even if you don't, thank you for everything. :twilightsmile: It's been awesome!

Thank you. It's been fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll still answer and respond to comments. Well, most, trolling will be ignored. :derpytongue2:

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