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That Moment When Your Random Browsing Pays Off · 7:13pm Nov 11th, 2017

Me, a long time ago, watching a PhantomStrider video: I can see how Sesame Street is the best live action kids' show. I wonder what odd trivia there is about Sesame Street.

goes researching

There's a Sesame Street character in Africa who's infected with HIV? That's interesting.

They had a central actor die during its run, and instead of glossing over it they talked about mourning and moving on? That's pretty cool.

The Cookie Monster's real name is Sid? That's neat.

...I'm never going to use this, am I? What am I doing with my life?

Last Night

Me, while playing a trivia game on my phone: Haven't lost any lives, doing well so far. Let's go.

Trivia Question: True or False: The Cookie Monster's real name is Samuel.


Those coincidences are to be cherished, I believe.

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Speaking as a Sesame street kid when I was growing up. I do recall that character dying and the episode discussing mourning. It was heavy stuff, but awesome of them to do it nevertheless.

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