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    Royal View Universe

    A universe inspired by the board game chess, why not? Takes place in midevil times. Names may not be changed...

    Queen Flora Braveheart

    King Drocsid Braveheart

    Bishop: Twiliana the Pure

    The Rook piece is represented by the Castle Of Hope which is where the king and queen live.

    Knight no.1: Sir Jacqueline the Honest

    Knight no.2: Sir Dashwave the Reckless

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    All I can say is that this au is "Golden".

    So I have an idea, one that'll probably make many go "what are you thinking!" Or "are you insane!?" But I think this will be the most interesting one yet,
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    Should I do another story like A New Different View or should I do something else?

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    This post will show you all of my op characters. I apologise in advance.

    Rinda Mew(although the Pokemon Mew's genderless, I'd give it she/her pronouns) : a hyper little Pokémon who is much older than she looks, she loves playing games and breaking the 4th wall. Knows all moves but mostly uses her psychic abilities. Dislikes being called "Queen" yet doesn't mind being called "Lady Mew".

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A New World! · 1:33am Nov 10th, 2017

Hello everyone it's me Polaris Solarmoon and I have a brand new Au to show you called The New View Universe.

This will show you who's swapped with who and their bios will be after.

Fluttershy is swapped with Celestia

Rarity is swapped with Luna

Twilight Sparkle is swapped with Cadence

Rainbow Dash is swapped with Gilda

Pinkie Pie is swapped with Discord

Applejack is swapped with Chrysalis


Sunny Sky

A young pegasus who's known for her pure heart and strong will as well as her silly nature, because of this she became the Element of Laughter.

Moonlit Sky

Sunny's twin sister and Element of Loyalty, she is known for her quick wits and vivid imagination, because of this,she is usually making up all sorts of puns on the fly.

Shining Twilight

A unicorn who is known for her incredibe knowledge and kind nature, she is the Element of Magic.

Midnight Serenade

An Earth pony who's known for her beautiful singing and generous nature,she is also rather kind. Because of this she became the Element of Kindness .

Gale Windfeather

A Pegasus pony who's known for her honesty and good will,she is a little stubborn but is a good friend, she is the Element of Honesty.

Random Question

An earth pony who is quite the unusual fellow at times, he is the only colt amongst five other mares so he counts himself as one lucky *squee*, he is surprisingly the Element of Generosity.

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