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Just a awkward human trying to write words with limited success.

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  • 187 weeks
    Thoughts on a story idea?

    Hi everyone!

    So, I have a question.

    Right now it's just an (persistent) idea for a story that is currently bouncing around in my head, but would you guys like to see a Fluttershy centered AU? I wanted to ask you guys first before I stared working on anything.

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    6 comments · 236 views
  • 187 weeks
    Second Place?!!!!!???!

    So... apparently my submission for Art for Fanfiction's 2019 Summer Writing Contest won second place.

    This is very, very strange. My writing is honestly not that good! Why do people like it so much?!

    This is very weird, yet flattering.

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  • 188 weeks
    Dashtale Art!!!

    Hello everyone, sorry to bother ya but I thought I would let you know that my first Dashtale drawing has been posted on my DeviantArt! Just as I promised.
    How about ya'll check it out a tell me how I did? Please?

    Click here to see it

    10 comments · 222 views
  • 188 weeks

    WOW!!!!! 100 Followers?!!!?? Is that even legal?

    Thank you sooooooo much everyone! You all are absolutely AMAZING!!! :yay: :raritystarry:

    8 comments · 197 views
  • 189 weeks

    Okay everyone, Dashtale is now under MAJOR construction!

    As a lot of you are aware, Dashtale was written several years ago. Back then I wasn't that good at self-editing or plot construction. Recently though I started doing some minor editing.

    It's not helping.

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Questions? · 5:04pm Nov 6th, 2017

Got questions about me? Ask! Just ask me a question in the comments and I'll answer! So go ahead, ask me anything!

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Comments ( 6 )

Halloooo! I just wanted to post since no one answered. When is/was your birthday? I was thinking of doing something for it.


Wowie, someone actually asked me something? Yay!

Anyway, it's Nov 27. If you do deside to do something, I'm quite excited to see it!

XD, cool, and thanks! I hope to make you happy even more! :3


I hope to make you happy even more!

Even MORE happy? Is that even possible? :rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:


XD I dunno yet! XD And, thanks for the smiles! :pinkiesmile:


You're very welcome, my friend!

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