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Forever praying for the return of Adorkable Sunshine.

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  • 13 weeks

    First of all...


    Second of all, things have been fine on my end.
    I got my fursonas Signius (fox) and Void (protogen) drawn by bryony6210 on Furaffinity:

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  • 43 weeks
    So, what's been going on with me?

    1. I'm gonna graduate college after next year.
    2. Finished recording my Let's Play of Super Luigi Galaxy and already planned out my next two Let's Plays.
    3. Praying every day for the return of Adorkable Sunshine.

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    Guess who just made a new story that is now awaiting approval?

    This guy!

    I think it's an okay story. Nothing spectacular, but I did my best for a backstory for Brave Soul, my OC.

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  • 52 weeks


    Did some recording last night, gonna do some more today.

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    Muscial blog #[I don't even know]

    This song is incredible, especially after taking into account who it's made by.

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I keep forgetting to tell this. · 7:10pm Nov 5th, 2017

So, I have a beautiful story from Thursday.
I'm sitting in German class, and the girl who sits diagonally from me at my seat is on her phone for more than half of the hour.
When the guy sitting next to her pulls out his phone, I crap you not, this is what she miraculously said:
"Put your phone away!"

I had to put up a lot of willpower to not laugh. I called her out on her obvious hypocrisy, and she played it off like a joke.
Sure it was, madchen (German for "girl"), sure it was.

I should have messed with her, saying, "You mean, 'Handys weg'?"
That's "Phones away" in German.

Oh, how inept the world is with staring at screens today- oh, wait...

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the simple fact that they teach you the german phrase for "phones away" in german class really speaks volumes, lol

for real though, hate it when people use phones in class.

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