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Strawpoll Time- If You Want Some More MLP Stories, Now's Your Chance to Vote · 11:40pm Nov 3rd, 2017

First, let's get the self-promotion out of the way (actually, it's all self promotion, but this one isn't related to MLP).
Got a new Zootopia incest story completed recently. If you want to see Nick have an orgy with his mom and Judy, read it here or here

Now then, MLP stories: I've been going through my Google Drive and noticed that among my mountain of story ideas I have, a good chunk of them are abandoned MLP related. So instead of just ignoring them, I'm gonna do a test and see how many people following me still care about me writing content for the MLPverse. So let's test it out, shall we?

This will take you to my relatively SFW story-focused blog, more specifically, a post talking about me taking a brief break from writing and my plans for the future. If you want, you can just skip past that and start going down the story prompts I have listed (for multiple fandoms: Zootopia, MLP, Rick and Morty, Undertale). Under the last prompt for each series you'll see a "place your vote here" or something. Click the link, vote for the title of the prompt you want to see a full story of, and the one with the most votes will be rushed to (near) the top of my to-write list. I'll let the voting window go until the end of November,

There you go. Happy voting. Thankfully this election won't be nearly as catastrophic as last November's, huehuehue Sorry Not sorry

Comments ( 19 )

You haven't posted in over a month, I thought you were dead!:pinkiegasp:

:rainbowwild: jk. I am voting so hard for "love measured in scales" mainly because I want some closure! That story needs a conclusion!

no lesbian undertale options and only 1 for mlp? :fluttercry:

At first I thought you were serious, and I was all

Yeah, I know, I was really gung ho about it years ago, then slowly lost interest in it. I think if it does win the final vote, then that means I'm going to have to work to crank out multiple chapters ahead of time before I release even one. I'd hate to publish a chapter after all this time just to leave everyone on another hiatus again. So I'll probably work to completely finish it on my own side before I make like Dr, Frankenstein and scream "It's alive!!"

ME 2 I’m also voting for Love measures in Scales I like that story and I want to see wat happens next plz.

I tried some lesbian Undertale about a year ago. It took off like a lead balloon. But the real reason I haven't thought of any lesbian pairings:
Seriously though, it just hasn't crossed my mind for any of the fandoms outside of MLP. That's an easy series to do lesbian stuff with since there's so many female characters to choose from. The other fandoms... not so much. At least, none that I can think of good pairings for.

IMO, a lot of these are extremely meh. the ones I have the least amount of interest in is the non mlp stuff.

That's encouraging.

" I tried some lesbian Undertale about a year ago"

link plz


One of the criticisms I got was that I didn't actually write any sex taking place, it was just extended narration about watching someone else through a camera. Which I completely understand, that's a valid point.

Well I mean, it's clear that you don't want to be here or write ponies anymore and just want to write about zootopia or undertale since there's like three extremely barebones ideas for mlp stories and many more for the others.

What I don't understand is why you're yanking us by the leash here except to point us to the stories that some of us might not even like/aren't here for. Hell I hate both zootopia and undertale, I don't want to read about them and I honestly get sort of annoyed when it's being advertised here.

Bro, I wrote a Daybreaker story and published it a week after the episode premiered. It's not that I don't want to write MLP at all it's just that I enjoy writing Zootopia more.

Also, you're welcome to unfollow me, if you're gonna be this much of an asshole, I won't miss you. Bye.

oh yeah....for some reason every time i hear "undertale" and "lesbian" i forget that 95% of all related content is just gonna be alphys and undyne, and get my hopes up thinking theres gonna be a story about toriel or muffet or frisk or the rabbit shopkeeper or something. the story might not have gone over so well just because of all the posibilities, alphys and undyne r kinda boring and overused in stories

I like the pairing a lot actually myself. I've seen some Toriel/Muffet fanart, and the art itself is really good, but I don't see the possibility of a tangible relationship between them. Honestly, I don't really ship Toriel with anybody from the series I like thinking of her doing stuff with Frisk/Asriel/Both, but I don't consider that a "relationship", more just like cuddly non-committal sex between loving family members.

But yeah, I just can't really think of any female characters I'd ship Toriel with myself. Maybe Undyne if I was grasping at straws, but not enough that I'd want to write a story about it.

I see the Zootopia train is still going strong.
These are some good story ideas you got there and it was a hard choice to vote for just one.
My fingers are cross for either Nick being a stripper or the family incest story.
I know the mlp story I voted for won't make it to the top but I'm curious about the story
Love measure in scale. There isn't exactly a description for it and it's not in your list of stories I assumed it was just an octivia x scratch story.

I'd vote for the evil princest/dislestia story, but sadly, I'm not a fan of submissive Discord and your headcanon for the nightmare forms (I think it's pretty much confirmed that the nightmare is a seperate entity).

That and the exposition in the first fic killed me a little inside :p

You know, I hear a lot of (mostly younger, under the age of 25) people say "any exposition in any form is bad". I used to think that too, but I've come to realize that's a very close-minded way of thinking. It's not something you want to rush to use, but there are instances in which exposition is unavoidable. In the case of the Daybreaker story, I think that was one of those instances. This was the first time I had ever written a story about Celestia and Discord in a relationship, and because I didn't want to write a whole multi-chapter story about them getting together in the first place, I had to take some time to set up their relationship up to the point that we'd been reading. The alternatives were to A) Take the time to write a story about their relationship beginning, which I didn't have the energy to do and forcing myself to do such a thing just for this one idea would have driven me crazy, or B) Have no explanation for their relationship and just present it as "yeah, of course Celestia and Discord are dating each other, that's common knowledge, everyone knows that, didn't you know that?".
I did the best I could with the situation I had before me, and judging from how well it was received the week I published it, nobody else seemed to mind all that much.

Well yeah, I'm not saying 'all' exposition is bad, but I think you went a bit overboard with it. If I recall correctly, there spent time talking about 4 events of their past before continuing the story. It felt less like "Discord and Celestia have been together for a while" and more like "I'm now gonna build all the backstory and make them be a thing."

I'm not saying the fic is bad, and it did well enough.

im fond of a little femfrisk x toriel fun myself, but hey, even if there doesnt seem like theres anyone to ship her with in the cast itself, theres always self-insert stories....ur mlp self-insert story is y i follow so its definitely something u can handle :)

not that im pushing u to do that or something, just pointing out that such things create options where there seem to be none

Yeah, self-insert stories are a phase of my writing that I hope to never return to. At least not in the vain of 2nd person "put yourself in the place of this nameless character" thing. I just don't feel like I can learn or hone my craft through that. I want to push myself to do things that are a little more challenging and have more depth to them.

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