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I am a Youtuber I have a Twitter @1DoctorPony I have lots story's to tell and I want to write some stuff for you all to enjoy

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  • 32 weeks
    So here’s the plan

    The plan O p e r a t I o n H e l p m e G o d

    .Write chapters and rewrite chapters
    .Do each one at a time but update story’s with short chapters if have too
    ..finish Ace Ventura chapter 2 that you’ve been waiting for.
    ..wishing you all a Marry Christmas

    God I hope I do this.

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  • 39 weeks
    I haven’t touched this in a year let’s do this


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  • 39 weeks
    So hey

    I put this on my JSE story, and someone commented that I should put it here so.

    So hey, it’s been a while, it’s a my 2 year anniversary. I thought I would come back but still I have so stay tuned people, ideas are coming and also would you like me to do markipler, just a thought?

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  • 91 weeks
    1 year of Fimfiction

    So I'm late for this, but I would like to say that I might have forgotten that Halloween was that day but anyway, one year of fimfiction that's a long time. I know that I myself have bad writing but the most important thing behind that is that I want to get the stories that I'm trying to tell to be told in the best possible way I can, I'm only one person. Recently I've been using Fanfiction a

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  • 104 weeks
    Making a new story

    Hey eveyone I would like to announce that I will also lucifer story a sneek peek in the new story I have for you all

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Thanks for your support · 1:13am Nov 2nd, 2017

Just by reading the title you think it's all over that beyblade story is over I am not don't it yet what I mean is that thank you for your support it gives a reason and shows that you want more and I happily do so thank you and follow me and get notified when a new story or a new chapter happens and happy November 2017 is going so fast

Thank You

Sincerely Doctor

Report DoctorPony · 147 views · Story: Beyblade Metal Friendship · #Support
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