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For your Horror viewing Pleasures · 7:04pm Oct 31st, 2017

You guys should know where I'm going with this...have fun! (evil cackle):

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Oh, i own all these movies!!!

And I've been watching ALL these movies since yesterday.

Horror movies are the best!

Never been big on Halloween (I did love trick-or-treating though... Then again, I was a kid. Lol), but I'll be damned if I didn't say that I didn't get a giddy feeling seeing everyone embrace horror flicks.

Sinister still sends chills down my spine five years later. May not be an oldie, but damn was it intense as hell!

Especially today! Heck, I'm currently watching Child's Play 2!

Im watching the Shining!

Everyone either gets that satisfying thrill rush that Horror movies give or are traumatised for life by them.

4713372 Sinister kept me up until 4:30 the day I saw it.

I fucking loved it. Though, it also really killed scary stories for me because so little has held up to it. Especially because of Lawn Work.

Good choice! Today so far I've watched Halloween, Children of the Corn and am currently near the middle of Child's Play 2.

Oh god! First time I watched Child's Play, wouldn't touch my Barbie Dolls for a solid 2 months (that included the ones I got for my birthday)!

4713377 stares at Barbie doll I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET THE KNIFE, BITCH!

Of course, most tend to avoid movies that feature things that would scare them to death irl...note I said most there are some brave souls who won't shy away.

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