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    hello all my beautiful hobgoblins

    My good friend Regidar has written an awesome new story. It is mighty thicc and also has two lovely perks such as: a) containing emotions and b) shrubbery.

    If you like high-quality horse words and want to retain two functional kidneys, here’s the story for you.

    I even got to read an early version at one point! A few years ago!

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WELL WHADDYA KNOW (Contest update) · 6:36pm Oct 31st, 2017

So because of some very spooky things that resulted in only one entry for the friggin' Lunbra contest so far, I've decided to extend the deadline to the maximum for all the people working or who have yet to work on their stories.

You now have until January 10th, 2018 at 5:30pm EST to write a story that does not break the rules, which have been pasted and updated here, so find that below.

1) All stories must have an E or T rating. This is a SFW group, after all. If you want to write NSFW side material, that is allowed, but it must be posted separately (such as in an anthology) and will not be judged with your entry. If you write a NSFW version, there must be a SFW version to be submitted and judged. A Teen rated story with the 'Sex' label is allowed.

2) Your story must be completed and submitted into the contest folder before January 10th, 2018, 5:30pm EST. If required, because of national holidays, natural disasters, travel, or everything you love suddenly bursting into flame, there have been a maximum of two extension dates selected (the time will remain the same for both): Dec. 12th, 2017, and January 10th, 2018.

3) Your story must be between 3,000 and 16,000 words according to FimFic's word count thingy. You are allowed multiple entries in the case of different ratings (a T story and an M story, the latter which will not be judged) and collabs are welcome. Any genre is allowed as long as it doesn't break the rules (so basically no clop and crossovers, but everything else, trollfics excluded is fair game). Comedy, of course, is welcome in the strange case you decided to equate it with a trollfic. So you can be silly if you want!

4) Your story must incorporate a romantic relationship between the characters (Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon and King Sombra) in some fashion, as long as it isn't in any way abusive (I shouldn't have to put that here, but I did). That means if you want, an unrequited romance is allowed, as long as it is given large amounts of focus/depth or the plot of the story. Duh. Star-crossed/tragic romances are also allowed, in case you needed that made clear, just as long as they don't break anything else in this rule. It is probably best, though, if you do a requited romance. This is a shipping contest!

5) Your story may not be one that already exists. It must be a new story entirely! It is also not allowed to be a sequel to an existing story, but if you want to make it related in some kind of standalone way to an existing one, then that is allowed. Crossovers aren't, because the judges can't be expected to know what you are writing a crossover to all the time.

6) Worldbuilding is friggin' encouraged if you choose to incorporate such themes. Canon-breaking is welcome.

7) Your entry must be readable. That means an editor is encouraged to improve your grammar, as well as make a few suggestions and help with brainstorming. If you want someone else to write your story for you that is not allowed. If you need help finding an editor, try looking through a group like this.

8) Have fun!

9) Rule nine is a lie.

Your prompt for the story is: 'An Unexpected Meeting.'

Go find the other shit in the first blog if you really want to see it.

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Comments ( 3 )

This is like the most time I've ever had for a contest. I absolutely, CANNOT put this off till the last minute or else-

I'll have something out soon...
Hopefully, I can make it over 3000 words...




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