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Prophecy fulfilled · 12:03am Oct 31st, 2017

:ajsmug: Evening Everyone

:ajsleepy: As promised, I didn't touch super last week, and that was probably a good thing considering how dead fucking tired I was for most of it. I skipped two classes last week because I just couldn't stay awake to make it to them. My tuesday/thursday schedule goes as such: wake up at 6:30 to shower, sit for an hour drink a cup of coffee until 8 to go get breakfast before class. Class at 8:30 till 9:45. Waste half an hour at school church because I made the unfortunate choice to go to a private christian college when I'm not really a believer. come back to my room and hang out till lunch at 11. Go to the Windows computer lab to get caught up with GIS, which starts at 1:15. GIS ends at 2:30, Web Design starts at 2:40. I've already taken the class that you take after this one, so I'm well ahead of the curve and just dick around here. Class ends at 3:55. Go back to my room till dinner at 5. Shitty current trends class at 5:30 in which we discuss current tech and do literally fuck all about shit I don't care about. class ends whenever the teacher feels like it, provided he fucking shows up. It's supposed to be a tues/thurs class, but we haven't had a thursday in the last four/five weeks there are only 16 weeks in a semester. That's a fourth of it. What in the fuck am I paying for? Class ends typically around 6:30. From here, I either come back and sleep, or practice something. this is when I tend to play TFH to keep my skills up, because the moment I stop is the moment I will never catch up with the rest of the beta group.

The issue that this schedule causes is that my sleep schedule is all over the place all the fucking time. I'll wake up at 5 or noon the next morning depending on when I slept, and that never happens at like 9 or 10 like a normal person, it's always 7 or 2. I'm going to be ecstatic when this semester is over because that means I have one left to go until I graduate and am gone for good.


:pinkiecrazy: Amid all the crazy, Super will become my priority again starting tomorrow, and hopefully we can get through Rainbow & Scootaloo's back story. Hmm, that's not right. We'll get there, the question is just how long will it take?
If you've ever wanted to hear what I sound like, I made this today for class as a commercial for Them's Fightin' Herds.

~Until Next Time

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