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090 New story: The Unbroken Spirit · 11:09am Oct 30th, 2017

090 New story: The Unbroken Spirit

Let me tell you, it's good to finally publish something new. The last one was the silly hypno-fic parody starring Roseluck, I think, and that was almost a year ago! Anyway, it apparently took the MLP movie to get me to work, and I'm happy to share this new fruit of my labor.

Here are some reasons why you might find The Unbroken Spirit worth your time:
- it's a short [Dark] one-shot, perfect for this time and weather of the year;
- it builds up from what the movie and the comics/book revealed about Tempest Shadow;
- it will allow you to discover what her special talent is;
- it features King Sombra and his benevolent machinations (in the spirit - literally);
- it answers the question of what happened with his horn after his defeat - and whether it is possible to repair a hornless pony's own with it

Here's a short description to get you warmed up:

Exploring the caves underneath Canterlot, Tempest Shadow stumbles upon King Sombra’s broken horn—and with it, a chance to have her life back. There is a catch, though.

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