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The Grimm Reaper is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.

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Grubber MLP Movie · 10:56am Oct 30th, 2017

Anyone else think he should have been voiced by Chris Sanders (Chris being the voice actor for Stitch)?

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So I'm not the only one who thought he looked like a rejected experiment design, then?

Stitch and his fellow experiments were the first thing I thought of when he first appeared. He reminds me a lot of Reuben(625), the only thing missing would be the love of sandwiches though his general affinity towards snacks is pretty close.

Hey your back

yeah, been a hectic couple of years.

Hey how are you on fanmade sequels to stories any way?

could you elaborate? Are you asking if I enjoy making them, do I enjoy reading them, or do I give permission for them?

Permission toyed woth the idea for necrosis a sort jump in the future/alternate world

If you wanna do a spin-off or something like that, go ahead. Just make sure to credit the original.

Cool been toying with the idea for a while tho it would (currently) follow the story up to chapter 13 since it was made after finishing that chapter

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