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How long will it take for FimFiction to update the character roster? (Complaint about slow updates) · 10:05pm Oct 29th, 2017

Now, I normally don't like to complain in a blog but this is an issue I have had with this website. I remember when season 5 came out and saw Starlight be the last character be the last character to be added after the first two episodes of that season air.

During that season, Moondancer was added to the list of new characters that came to light. However, instead of her along with several other characters getting the same treatment as Starlight, the roster didn't expand until the beginning of this year (I think).

I understand that this is a site run by a few people. However, now that people, like myself, contribute to FimFiction through Patrion, I would assume there would be more of an incentive to update the site sooner.

It is obviously not the case.

Now with the movie and season 7 finale out, there are A LOT of characters now. But the only way to read about stories that do not have tags are to search for the character or characters in the search engine. Not to mention, stories that involve non-tagged characters are forced to use the "other" tag. There are a huge amount of Tempest Shadow fan fictions out there being drowned in the "other" tag section, not distinguishing Tempest fics from "other" characters.

The two ways to easily identify what a story contains is the cover art and tags. Some do use the character of interest as their cover art in hopes the image portrays the mood of the story. Aside from commissioning an artist to get a specific emotion from a character a writer may want to write about, some may resort to a picture of a sunset instead of showing a teary smile of Tempest. That is where the tags come in.

A story I have read (and am hoping for an update) is called Blooming Romance. Yes it does have cover art, but it is only a picture of a white rose. Who are the characters? Bat pony and Original Characters. Without having to read the discription I know what to expect. Some readers just want to read about bat ponies. But because it took quite some time for bat ponies to get their own tag, people had to rely on cover arts AND/OR needed to read the discription or go into specific groups so readers can find what they are looking for.

I want to work on a Somnambula fan fiction considering the events of the show. However, other writers, as well as myself, who write about characters who are not as widely popular as the mane six, would prefer if the characters they are writing about had their respectible tags.

Tags are an important feature on this site. It shows the most popular of a spesific character while also showing the most recent ones as well. Where has the haste to update the character roster gone? Must we wait another year before more characters are represented? I hope not.

So yeah, those are my thoughts about FimFiction's slow updating issue. Time to get back to my studies. At least writing this was enjoyable, despite my complaint.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Freak, out.

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Maybe like an other category that involves those races just listed like dragons, hypogryfs, ect.

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