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New Rainbow Chapter, Other Announcements · 7:56pm Oct 29th, 2017

Yo, guys.

Chapter Four of Rainbow is up; now it's getting into the meat of the story. Here's my personal site incarnation of it, and here's the version on Wattpad. Please leave a comment on one (or both) if you can. :twilightsmile:

Also, I'm going to release a creepypasta novella called Polybius this Halloween.

That is all.

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I had to read most of the chapter in a bumpy car ride, so I may have missed some things. That's see. Aaron is Autisic, like to drink blood (which I can assume relates to his true heritage), and fears his own lack of fear (I guess FDR was wrong). Cindy is essentially the product of rape (even though her mother was 14 and the exposition stated she had to be 18 to be arrested for not conceiving). The world went to ruin sometime after our present day, and the World Hegemony is a group of scientists and other intellectuals who saved us by outlawing religion and any related practices (they also sound like they have a superiority complex, but in a way it is justified). Oh, and all of Cindy's female ancestors are named after Disney characters.

Am I missing anything?

4711853 Nope, you pretty much nailed it.


So, how do you explain why Cindy’s mother was arrested even though she was fourteen? She had to be eighteen, didn’t she?

4712200 Actually, she would've had to be arrested EITHER if she was eighteen and hadn't had a kid yet OR if she turned fourteen without making any solid attempt at conception.

Oh. Maybe you should have made that clearer. Not everyone would notice that detail (like me, for example).

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