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Crossovers and Sci-Fi are my bread and butter.

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Update F^cker · 3:36am Oct 29th, 2017


Been a while, huh?

I've been busy failing my midterms, dropping out of college and watching my dad abuse my mom, clenching my teeth and fists debating on whether or not life is worth anything.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything rash, I'm not stupid, just horribly depressed.

Haven't had much inspiration lately, but the Season 7 Finale got me thinking on some stuff, so expect some updates in the future, hopefully.

Also writing a story about the Finale's Villain, so if you want to avoid [S P O I L E R S], then don't click on it when I post it.

Alright, you all have a happy Halloween!

... and maybe Christmas, if I don't update in the next year or so.

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Hang in there. I failed a semester and damn near dropped out myself due to some nasty personal stuff. Schools have forgiveness programs if you can show you turned your academic career around.

dam that shucks . :raritycry:
BUT maybe you can write a " happy" story and then life we be better.....:pinkiehappy:
good luck is all i can say....

Will you continue wanderer to wonderland?

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